How I Know Something Can Contribute to My Life

How I Know Something Can Contribute to My Life


The short answer?

It’s in front of me. 

No, really.

The other day I was sharing with a friend about something I came across that seemed to be JUST the answer to my prayer.

My “friend” responded with some hesitation.

I immediately felt annoyed.

I love the excitement + joy + generative energy of LIFE!

I love to assume positive intent.

To imagine that I LIVE in a KIND universe.

I LOVE playing the game called, ASK AND RECEIVE.

When I’m excited and I share with someone and they meet my energy with fear, trepidation, concern or doubt, I’m instantly cufooied.

(Whatever that is!)

Here’s why:

I REALLY LOVE to live life in an optimistic, joyous state.

I’m not talking about constantly farting rainbows and ignoring anything that’s not fluffy and pink, but in general, if I’m excited, why would I dampen that flame?

Like Toltec Wisdom says, there are TWO TRACKS: love or fear.

It’s easy to get all fearful, especially if we watch the news, or too many Dateline specials.

A representation of ALL that is GOOD and HOLY and as long as I am ALIGNED with that and RECEIVING that, then that’s what I shall have.

Join me at this feast, or get some quick take-out and eat it alone in the dark.

Tis all up to you.

But at some point, you gots to decide.

Do you believe the world is a loving, safe place, and everything is always working out for you, or do you believe someone is waiting just around the corner to fuck you over?

Think long and hard. For this decision will decide your fate.


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