Top 4 Reasons People Don’t Succeed in Their Online Spiritual Business

You’re a beautiful soul. You have gifts to share with the world. You love giving readings, or doing energy work. You share Reiki, or read Tarot cards. For free tarot reading just contact this psychic for more. You’d love to earn income online from your gifts, but you’re not.

You don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

You’re not sure where to start or where to stay focused. You spend time spinning your wheels on social media and end up comparing yourself to others, feeling overwhelmed- so then you go eat ice cream + watch the Real Housewives.

Can you relate?

There are 4 top reasons I see that people don’t succeed in their online spiritual businesses + I’d love to share them with you today, in the hopes that it will support you in not making these mistakes!


#1 You’re Not Allowing Yourself to Be Seen


Okay, this one likely seems quite obvious, however, many spiritual women who have great gifts to offer are still afraid of really allowing themselves to be seen.

If you’re NOT making videos, or doing FB lives, or Instagram TV, or promoting through top YouTube ads, you’re likely still hiding out. If you’re NOT putting your photos front and center on your website, if you’re not sharing your story online, if you don’t have a Facebook group, you’re likely still hiding out.

There’s no way to grow a business online + still hide.

Now, before you go grab your ice cream, let me just say that there’s no judgment here! (About hiding out or eating ice cream!)

However, if you truly want to grow a business + work with clients + shine your Divine Light, then you HAVE to start showing up and being vulnerable. If we can’t see you, we can’t know how amazing you are!

And I know, to you, it seems like you’re putting yourself out there, right? You’ve got to truly share your ideas, opinions, thoughts, and methodologies and repeat yourself over and over! When you’re sick of what you’re saying, others are just starting to notice!


#2 You’re Not Collecting Emails


I cringe anytime I ask an entrepreneur if they’re growing their email list + they say, “No.”

Even if you are doing all the right things + you have a website, if you’re not capturing those leads, and you have about 3 seconds to do so, you could be losing them forever!

So, all the visibility in the world does you no good if those peeps click away.

You want to create a free gift to give away in exchange for an email so that you can stay in front of people who find you + grow a relationship over time!

How else can we learn to love you!?

Please, don’t make this mistake. Don’t believe any lies that email is dead.

Having a list is the only customer list you own- all those social media followers are owned by someone else so could disappear in a flash!

Stay connected with the peeps who find you + build a relationship with an email list!


#3 You’re Not Making Any Offers


You’re sharing cute pictures, or inspiring quotes, or blog articles you’ve written, but you’re not writing powerful Call to Actions (CTAs).

Therefore, people are not signing up for your newsletter, or subscribing to your channel, or downloading your PDF, or signing up for your free call.

It’s vital that you teach people how you can help them + why they need your help.

We don’t know how amazing you are + what your talents are unless you tell us!

We’re not all mind readers, so go ahead + spill the beans!

What are your areas of expertise? Who do you help? How do you help them? Tell us. Then tell us again. Repeat!

Okay- your homework is to go and write out all your possible Calls to Action…what do you want peeps to do? What’s the fastest path to cash for you? How can you warm people up + give great value + then make an offer?

(Hint: use your newsletter!)


#4: You’re Not in It for the Long Game

I must admit, sometimes in my Free Strategy Sessions, I’m a bit surprised! People who have no website, no email list, no offer, tell me they want to make hundreds of thousands stat!

If you’ve taken no action to establish the foundational pieces in your business, but you’re wanting large sums of cash- you might just be in it for the money, and that’s likely not going to work out so well, you need to get the right pieces, hire the right employees and use custom check stubs for your business to work for the long game. It’s beneficial to know info on employment law before hiring employees.

You may want results faster than is realistic.

The truth is that building a solid foundation takes time. If you’re starting from scratch, then you have to be realistic about how much time you have + what you should focus on first.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about manifesting + the law of attraction + if you believe you can receive!

And, I know that there’s some work to be done to lay the groundwork, first.

So, you have to realize that you’re in it for the long game. This can’t be a whimsical idea that you don’t follow through on, or a get rich quick idea.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work! It takes guts!

If this is really your life purpose, your passion, the way you love to shine + share your light- then this is going to be a life-long journey.

Be clear on your big goals + long-term desires + your VISION for what’s possible down the road AND be realistic about what tangible steps you need to take right now to build a foundation upon which you can build those dreams.


Okay, now it’s your turn. Take some action.

If you’re truly ready to build your spiritual business online + you’re struggling then book a call with me.

Visit and pick a time.

We’ll hop on the phone + I’ll support you in knowing what you really want to create + realistically what it will take to get there.

Thank you for reading + I send you all my love!

Rachel Claire

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