• You Have a Right To Say No
  • Why it’s Hard to Ask for Help and What to Do about It
  • God Expresses Itself in These 3 Ways + Tips for Opening Up Space for the Divine
  • On Hurt, Pain & Robin Williams, Too.
  • Make Like Lady Gaga & Get Saucy

You Have a Right To Say No


Hola gorgeous soul! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or my weekly email newsletter. Thanks for visiting! I’m reading a book called, The Power of No, by James Altchuer It’s revolutionizing the way I think. It suggests that we have a right to say no to people, events, […]

Why it’s Hard to Ask for Help and What to Do about It


I was born to a bright, loving woman in Ohio in the year 1978. She is a strong woman. A courageous woman. She knows a lot. Holds wisdom. She can do anything, or so it seemed to me, as an impressionable young girl, growing in her shadow. I say shadow on purpose. For though we […]

On Hurt, Pain & Robin Williams, Too.


The death of Robin Williams is a sad affair, indeed. I see someone who was so talented, so loved, famous, rich. A father, a husband, a friend. A person who made people laugh. Yet he, in his darkest moments, saw no other way out. In a moment of choice, he chose to end it all. He […]

Make Like Lady Gaga & Get Saucy


My mom called and shared that she was going to the Lady Gaga concert with her best friend. They had club seats, for free, right close to the stage. I oohed & awed & raved about how awesome that was. She shared with her friend my enthusiasm, to which her friend replied, Oh, take Rachel! […]

Why You Should Care about Developing Your 6th Sense


I teach my clients to ground, which means to meditate, to be present, to get centered, and to release energy. Why would I do that? When we take the time to validate, or say “hello” to our spiritual energy, that part of us that is not the body, but is within, and connected to source, […]

How to Not Be a Crappy Person


 “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~Mother Teresa I’ll never forget my first year of teaching when I was upset by what another teacher had said about me, and I went in to my mentor and shared with her my feelings. She wrote the following […]

In the Raw about Love, Relationships & Belonging


People have told me recently that I don’t seem to share anything personal on my blog anymore. They’re right. When I first started writing, I told personal stories, related intimate details. I pissed people off.  So, I quickly reined myself in. I began to be more professional, to offer tips & tricks for living a […]

What to Do When You’re Falling in Love and Why that’s So Scary


Falling in love, in my experience, is vulnerable. I feel insecure, scared.  The key is to recognize this feeling. Name it. Own it.  I think the key to healing in most any situation starts with acknowledgment. When we acknowledge something, it gives completion. Then, we can choose what to do, or not do about it, […]

How to Actualize Anything You Desire in 5 Simple Steps


In my private practice, I work with many women who are in transition. They are going through a relationship change, preparing to have a baby, finding a job, switching careers, opening up to their creativity & artistic expression. Many people ask the question, “How do I get what I desire?” In my point of view, […]