What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love does not mean enablement.

Unconditional love allows all things.

You might be the most seemingly egocentric, narcissistic evil-doer that has ever lived and yet I believe that to rise out of the dream of hell, which is what we are in, we have to come from a higher spiritual perspective.

All of the great spiritual teachers and lineages teach of love.

You cannot be unconditional love while simultaneously being in judgment.

It all comes down to love or fear. You are either in fear of others or what they could do or what they are doing or what’s going to happen or you are being love. And you are holding in your mind and in your heart the truth that all that there really is is love and everything else is illusion.

We must love and FORGIVE everyone and everything to truly have peace and to resurrect in love.

None of this means that you don’t have awareness. None of this means that you have to enable. None of this means that you have to accept.

“Will I assume responsibility for doing whatever I must do to eradicate every miss perception, every obstacle to the presence of love, every limited believe I have ever learned about anyone or anything- especially about myself?”

“When will I choose to assume responsibility for cultivating the perfect remembrance that I and my father are one so that I can perceive the real world, the reality that shines through everything?”

“The end of all seeking occurs when one dares to hold within the mind a different thought.

Only love is real.

You are not the body.

I choose love over fear.”

~The Way of Mastery

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