Crying! Something’s Wrong with Crying!

“It is a grave injustice to a child or adult to insist that they stop crying. One can comfort a person who is crying which enables him to relax and makes further crying unnecessary; but to humiliate a crying child is to increase his pain, and augment his rigidity. We stop other people from crying because we cannot stand the sounds and movements of their bodies. It threatens our own rigidity. It induces similar feelings in ourselves which we dare not express and it evokes a resonance in our own bodies which we resist.”
― Alexander Lowen, The Voice of the Body

Growing up as a sensitive person, I felt things deeply and sometimes this would result in crying.  The adults around me would often become anxious and attempt to stop my crying.  I grew up with a harsh criticism of myself that I was so sensitive.  I began to see myself as weak and wonder, “What is wrong with me?”

As I evolve, I see the great joy and bliss in feeling our emotions deeply.  I know for me, I have learned to love that part of myself that loves so deeply, that is so open to emotion and depth of feeling.  It allows me to experience and move through great joy and great sorrow, which I believe contributes to my depth, my compassion and my ability to love and keep my heart open, for I am not closing anything down, I am feeling the energy run through and releasing it.

All this to say, I really love the above quote here.  It so encapsulates the feeling I am attempting to express.

May you know that there is great wisdom in your tears, and may you remember that whatever you are feeling, it is just energy.  The mind will make up a thousand and one stories about what’s causing it, etc. but it is just energy.  May we all keep our hearts open more and more, trusting our strength to feel and knowing that all will release.


Rachel Claire

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