4 Easy Ways to Tap into Your Psychic Abilities and Get Answers

253733_146490152188915_2038700758_nI had an opportunity come my way recently that seemed like a dream come true! I was so excited right up until I wasn’t.

Right as the time arrived for me to say, “Yes!” I began to feel resistance. Every time I thought of making the call and sealing the deal, I didn’t want to.  Everything my logical left brain could “see” about this opportunity seemed like a good fit; Yet, I couldn’t deny my body’s reaction. That’s how I know it’s a No Go.

Sometimes, our intuition just doesn’t make sense to our rational mind.

Logically, something may appear to be just what we want. Whether a relationship, a job offer, or an invite to a party, sometimes our inner knowing comes to tell us a gentle no in the form of delay, irritation, heaviness or indecision.

Even as a psychic, my guidance for myself isn’t always perfectly clear.

Even when it is clear, I’m human, and can ignore it anyway.

Yet, the more we tune in, pay attention and practice, the clearer we’ll be over time. Like any muscle, it’s in using it that it grows.

Fortunately, there are many ways we can tap into our inner knowing to see what’s right for us.

Use these tools below to get answers for yourself and feel confident about the choices you make as you move forward.

1. Notice Resistance: When you feel resistance, trust it. This is one way we receive intuitive guidance. If you begin to waver in the decision-making process, don’t do it. This is your body awareness.

2. The Light or Heavy Test:  Notice if something feels light or heavy. If it’s light and energizing and exciting, you will know! If it’s not, remember, your body will never lie to you. Go with your body’s awareness if you are unsure.

3.  Ask Yourself: Close your eyes. Ask yourself if you are a yes or no. Notice any visions you receive in your mind’s eye or immediate gut knowing. You could see a stop sign or a hand in the halt position. Or, you may just immediately sense your yes or no. Get curious and trust what arises.

4. Use a Pendulum: Get a pendulum or use a necklace or something similar. Ask the pendulum to show you yes, and show you no, and then be amazed as you watch it move in different ways, seemingly from out of no where. I get amazed every time! Trust that it is an ancient divination tool and go with it!

There you have it! Next time you have a decision to make and you don’t know what to do, you can refer to those four simple tips and tune in to your intuition. If you want to take your intuitive knowing to a deeper level, consider a Clairvoyant Reading!

Happy Choice Making!


Rachel Claire


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  1. I’m curious to better understand how to tell the difference between a feeling of resistance that is intuitive guidance directing us away from something for good reason versus resistance that is holding you back from accomplishing greater things, like a fear, where one would really need to push past the resistance and through the heaviness to get to better things? Thank you!

  2. Thank you for commenting. This is an age-old question that so many of us struggle with, and it does take time + wisdom to tease this out for ourselves. It’s a toughie. I’d say that more often than not, it’s important to follow light energy. When something is expansive + generative for us, it will feel light + uplifting. When something feels really heavy, that’s our cue that it’s not a great choice. Of course, great learning can come through “pushing” through, but it depends on how we want to learn our lessons. With ease + grace or pain? Follow the light, everything white! 🙂 Hope that helps! Here’s a couple of tools: First, ask yourself, is this light or heavy? If there’s heaviness, there’s a lie in your space. Something about this is not true, either your belief about it, or that you have to do it, etc. Second, ask yourself what your life will be like in 5 years if you power through? Notice your intuitive hits straight away. You’ll be aware of either expansive, uplifting energy, or you’ll notice contraction. Follow your body…ask for leads and follow hunches.

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