Why Eat Organic?

I flew into Southern Ohio to see family.  My aunt and her husband moved with my two small cousins to a little town called Jackson, Ohio many years ago.  It is two hours from the nearest airport and there is one grocery store and a few chain fast-food restaurants.  As we drove through this rural area of Ohio and journeyed across the border into Kentucky, my mom noted that Eleanor Roosevelt once visited this region and called it the most isolated place in the Continental U.S.  There is a small, two-lane highway that curves through these dense Appalachian mountains, full of green trees and forests, and not much else.  I kept thinking, as we drove through all these little towns, and as my family stopped for food at gas stations and a Taco Bell, Wow.  I am so lucky. I live in Boulder, Colorado and I shop at one of the many local health food stores.  When I asked my aunt if they had a health food store, she said, “Well, what is a health food store?”

I buy local food.  Organic produce. Super food from the Incas, Andes, Mayan Riviera.  There is no access to Chia seeds, Maca powder, or spirulina in this isolated region.  In fact, amongst my family down there, I seemed like the odd man out.  I seemed, strange.  My aunt served us food on styrofoam plates. When we suggested not buying white bread, she said, “Will anyone eat it?”  For them, It is not customary to care about what you eat, or ask about where the food comes from.  In the local supermarket, instead of signs informing consumers of where the produce was grown and if it is local, one can find signs noting which items can be bought with food stamps.  I kept thinking, Monsanto owns the food supply and few people have access to growing their own fresh produce.  My family buys Monsanto brands.  He owns them  He owns and can affect and influence a great many communities in the U.S. And in this poor, isolated region of the country, just getting food is good enough.  Only a McDonald’s or Taco Bell to choose from?  Fine.  I felt uppity and snobbish for wanting to know where the food was from. Was it organic? I seemed needy. Did it contain high fructose corn syrup? Artificial colors or flavors? None of these questions would be asked by my family.  They don’t know about Monsanto.  They don’t care to know, I suspect. For if they did, wouldn’t it be like taking the red pill in the Matrix?  You couldn’t go back.  And what would one do when living in the most isolated region in the world, if you knew that you had little access to healthy foods?  It would change your life, and the saying, “Ignorance is bliss” came from somewhere.

Bless their hearts.  Bless all our hearts. We do what we learn.  I am lucky to live in Boulder and be surrounded by community that cares about the earth, how and where food is grown, how they feel when they eat certain foods. Deep bow to all you warriors out there, who no doubt came from a lineage of people who just wanted to know there would be food on table, let alone be particular about what kind of food.  And for those of you who may still eat Monsanto foods, or non-organic, well, bless you too.  I am not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to educate people.  I encourage you to begin to ask questions.

We are evolving, powerful, spirits who are creating habits and ways of being that will greatly influence future generations.  Local farming, organic farming, super foods, humane treatment of animals, these are the cares of a mighty people who love all things and want harmony on earth. May we learn from our ancestors, take all their knowledge and wisdom, and build upon it.  We are so fortunate to have a wealth of information at our finger tips and access to good food, may we use this power wisely and for the good of all.

It was crazy fun to play with my little cousins.  Braylin, a.k.a. Bro Chops,  is about 14 months and so adorable.  I chased him all around and smothered him with kisses.  Spent time with my beautiful sister, she is pregnant!  I will be an aunt in February.  I am so excited! Saw my dad after seven years of no contact.  Nothing to do but touch him, hug him, kiss him and love him up.  He has had a rough life and I have a heart full of compassion for that man.  My family, aside from eating junk, is super awesome.  I hope they come visit soon.  I will show them all these hippies they think live here and feed them green super food smoothies till they cry for mercy.  I am that mean.

Check here to see why we should be eating local.

Click here for info on Monsanto.
Mucho Amor,



  1. “…feed them green super food smoothies till they cry for mercy. I am that mean.” You’re SO mean!! Ha ha!! I love it. When is the blog about your papa coming…? More, please. 😉

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