Why Do I Do Psychic Readings and Healings?

601312_500063180050411_1541277516_nWhat I do proves what I believe. We don’t follow people because of what they do, we follow because of what they believe.

I got these ideas from this rockin’ TED talk by Simon Sinek. If you want to know what’s at the heart of any good business or idea, check it out. It’s inspiring and he really pin points what separates leaders from the people who lead.

I wasn’t always psychic. At least I didn’t call it that. I was always sensitive and intuitive and I did always ponder spirituality, God and the nature of the universe.

It wasn’t until precognitive dreams and experiences with other healers and psychics, that I really honed in on my gifts. When I began to realize, through the help of others, that I was picking up other people’s emotions, that what I was feeling wasn’t mine, and that I could move that energy out, clear my space, feel what I really felt like and feel better, I was amazed.

For the first time in my life, things started to make sense. Emotions I had long carried were determined as originating with my mother, ways she felt that were imprinted on me and now were the things I carried, but they didn’t have to be. I learned that I was empathic, and all those emotions I was feeling weren’t always mine.

I eagerly learned all I could and began to meditate, to sense energy, to ask a very important question,”Is this mine?” Suddenly, I knew how to set and hold boundaries and sense when they were being infringed upon.

I felt empowered for the first time in my life.

I felt that anything could happen and I would be okay. I was honoring myself as a spirit first, and I wasn’t alone. I had met a community of like-minded people who believed that we were spirits in a body, that we were powerful, that we could heal ourselves, that energy was real and we could feel it, sense it, read it, use it to understand the world around us.

I felt like I’d been accepted to Hogwart’s School of Magic. I felt like I’d found a home. A family. I finally knew what I felt like. Me. My energy. My space. I could distinguish what was mine, and what wasn’t.

I realized I was naturally joyful, light, free.

Anytime I felt less than that was an opportunity to decipher whose energy, or what energy I was feeling, and I could release it, send it back, and heal myself.

Learning psychic work, which is really learning how to sense, feel and see energy, allowed me to be present, to go within, to meditate, to heal, to feel clear and to take back ownership of my space.

For the first time, I really felt like it was okay for me to exist, to take up space.

I do psychic readings and healings now because I want to share that power with others. I want to remind people that they are spirits first, and as such have the power to heal themselves and to feel good.

In my private sessions, I read people, share with them empowering messages to assist them in embodying their power, owning their space, claiming their right to be here, to heal, to move energy and create what they want.

I teach people tools to meditate, ground, run their own energy and learn what it feels like to move foreign energy out and fill up on your own energy. This is healing. This is powerful medicine and makes for great change.

If we all accepted that we are spirits in a body, then we would be acknowledging our power, who we really are. What does that make possible?

We would each realize there is no need for blame, victimhood, or hurt. We’d each be empowered to own the reality that we are infinite beings, full of infinite wisdom, and that we have capacities beyond our greatest imaginings.

We’d heal. We’d forgive. We’d create the miraculous, naturally, with ease and grace.

Then, we might put down our weapons, cast no more stones, and begin to cultivate possibility together. We might question, what does knowing who we really are make possible? What if I know I am a powerful, infinite being?

That’s why I do the work that I do. That’s why I invite you to join me in healing yourself from the inside out. Heal the spirit, the spirit heals the body.

Together, we create the new earth. Heaven is less of a place and more a state of being. We can make it right here, right now. You and me.  Just like the picture on this post, we each hold the key, and that key resides in our power. That snake represents our Kundalini energy, our Chakras, our spiritual power as unlimited beings. To unlock the doorway, to find the key, we must go within.

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Thank you and Namaste,

Rachel Claire

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