The Problem with Prediction Techniques + What You Need to Know about Your Future

I’m in love with this blog post by Danielle LaPorte. I couldn’t have said it better. If you have readings with me, or psychics, please do yourself a favor and read this post.

I totally understand why people come to me and ask questions about their future. 

First of all, it’s ingrained in us that that’s what psychics do. We forecast the future. I personally see it as part of my intention + mission as a psychic reader to debunk this myth.

I’ve never been keen on future questions or predictions, for exactly the reasons Danielle outlines in her post. I’ve done it too, I totally relate, don’t feel bad if you’ve used psychics for future predictions.  We all get curious about what’s to come.

And, I’m not saying I haven’t seen visions of the future, because I have, but those visions can be altered + changed. In my own words, the reasons I don’t like to read the future for people is because the future is a set of probabilities. It’s not set in stone.

We are all God infused with choice. We each have our own free will + ability to choose differently every day. I believe each choice we make changes the future. 

The words we speak, the thoughts we think, the actions we take, these all create the future.

What I can do as a psychic reader is reflect to you where I see that you have belief systems or energetic blocks in your chakras and energy field that are holding you back from receiving what you desire.

If you really have a wish for your future, if you really want to actualize a reality into the 3D, I believe you can. I can teach you manifestation techniques, using your chakras, 3rd eye + white light to clear blockages, so that you can release blocks and truly learn to hold the vision in your pineal or 3rd eye.

I can also teach you how to channel your energy more consciously so that you clear your channels and cleanse your chakras of blocks.

I help you know what false beliefs you’re holding onto that are still running the show from your unconscious, keeping you stuck or playing small.

I can’t say to you, THIS IS your future. This WILL happen then. Its all up to you, and the choices you make everyday.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. It means that we have choice, power + an ability to take action to alter our path, to create a new reality, to actualize a new possibility for being and for our life.

So, please, use psychics to heal, to grow spiritually, to see where you have blocks or unconscious belief systems at play, or to help you understand patterns of a relationship, or what gifts you have, but not to tell you your future.

Your future is not a passive thing that will inevitably happen to you, regardless of you. YOU are your future, made manifest every day in the choices you make.

Give love. Share love. Believe. Heal. Grow. And watch the universe surprise you.

Rachel Claire

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