Are We There Yet?


My clients often ask me some version of this question. We all want to know, is there an end, will I ever get there? Will I ever stop having to work so hard?

I get it. I remember having an existential crisis when I really got myself as an eternal being. I was not happy. The thought of death didn’t scare me, but living forever? Damn. That sucks. 

Thankfully, I don’t see it that way anymore. I rejoice in knowing that we are on an ever-expanding journey. We peel back layers, like an onion, revealing ever more of our authentic nature. That begs the question, who are we really? More on that in a minute.

You see, being born into this world brings with it a whole load of cultural programming. We inherit so much from our family, church, schools.

Then, we have to slowly awaken and realize that we’re here on purpose, with a mission and we have work to do. We came in, many of us, with deep knowing, loads of wisdom from other lives, and a desire to shine our light and share our love so that we could contribute to the awakening of humanity.

Some of us forgot. We have to remember. Then, we have to take the risky steps of disengaging from the belief systems in our families that no longer work for us.

We have to say no where we use to say yes. We step back. We set boundaries. We settle in to the authenticity of our own knowing, our truth, and our deep nature.

We begin to be who we really are, and what we came here to be. Others may rage against this, wanting us to stay the same, so they too can stay unconscious.

In bravery, with full heart, and an awakening spirit, we realize why we came to this earth and we begin to reclaim our power and our abilities, our truth, and our wisdom, and we walk towards the light.

Thank you for being here and being so brave. We need you. 

So, who are we, *really*?

In my interesting point of view, we are love, we are light, we are the ONE source, or energy that is in all things. Like the rays of the sun, we are emanating from God, part of what created us, playing in the physical, forgetting who we are so we can once again remember. We are all coming back home, to our awareness of the fact that we are the one life, the one energy, that is in all things.

So, in truth, we’re never there. For, there is no where to get. We’re here. Now.

We are a deep and abiding space that is love. We realize, ever more, as we become conscious, that what we seek is here in our hearts and has been all along.

Then, like the tree, we can stand strong, grounded, rooted, and offer our loving shade and fruit to others. Isn’t it beautiful? You are that space, that awareness, in which all life can dwell.

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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