Use this powerful tool when trying to decide between two possible choices

Use this powerful tool when trying to decide between two possible choices


I had someone write to me + ask if they could just have a quick, 15 minute reading about a possible business choice she had to make. 

I wanted to share with you my reply, as it includes an incredibly powerful tool you can use whenever you’re attempting to choose between two possible future choices and you’re not sure which way to go.

Thank you so much for reaching out. I don’t currently offer a 15 minute check in type call. I recommend a great tool though…when you’re imagining choosing something in your future…ask yourself this question: What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this? Pay attention to the immediate response, especially in your body. Is it light or heavy? Lightness is your truth, heaviness is a lie. So, choose what feels light for you! Tap into the energy! And remember, there’s no set future…as you get to choose anew in every now moment, so go with what feels light + juicy + fun!
It really can be that simple. 
The reasons I don’t currently offer shorter, “Check-in” type sessions, are as follows:
  • When we’re wanting advice from someone else about our future, we’re lacking in confidence + clarity about what we really desire + want to create. (So, there are deeper issues going on that would take more than 15 minutes to unpack.) We’re also likely experiencing lots of fear.
  • If we think that getting an answer about the future from someone else will solve our axnst, it likely won’t. We have to choose from our own sense of internal timing + knowing, otherwise, we’re giving away our power.
  • Future reading isn’t set in stone, either, as you get to choose in each new NOW moment. Your future is yours to CREATE. Nothing is set in stone + whenever you choose more awareness + more consciousness, you’re likely going to be able to receive + have more + therefore you’ll be asking for new things + wanting new levels of experience. (There are probably lots of things you thought you wanted that you’re glad didn’t work out…am I right?! 😉
  • Knowing what’s right for us comes from being in tune with our inner experience, which is to say, with the present moment + our body. We have to be able to feel our joy, feel our body + know what lights us up. If we can’t, this points to a larger problem as well, and there’s deeper work to do around why we’re not in touch with our body, our feelings, our heart + our joy.
So, though something may seem like a simple, quick question…when we’re dealing with spiritual growth, it never is.
Life is complicated. Dynamic. Interconnected.
It’s also simple- but that’s not to say it’s easy. 
Our evolution is about unfolding more and more of ourselves…about learning more and more about what’s in the way of our light + our love. This is deep work + not to be entered into hastily- which is why I only choose to work with people deeply committed to uncovering the truth + shining the light- and GROWTH.
I love it when people are into GROWTH.
So, using a psychic for a “quick hit” is okay if that’s what works for you.
I’m more of a personal growth psychic, I’m into transformation + empowerment that has a longer-term impact.
I’m not making anyone wrong here either…we all want validation + confirmation + sometimes we do just want a quick hit! There’s nothing wrong with that, but this is why I don’t just answer future questions in short spaces.
In other words…
I don’t want you to use me like your heroine dealer…I want to teach you how to know for yourself.
Then, together, we light the world on fire!
All my love,
Rachel Claire

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