How to Live a Life of Synchronicities, Flow and Miracles


The other day I was wandering around downtown in Lyons, Colorado. I felt the desire to enter into a cute little shop. I was not actually out shopping, was with other people, and so had limited time, but I felt I must go check this place out.

I walked in, straight back to a bookshelf of CDs for $3.00. Found one from Wayne Dyer and bought it. I was SO excited! I have a new favorite hobby of driving my car and listening to inspiring talks and teachings. (I sometimes drive around extra to keep baby sleeping!)

I began to listen to it and Wayne Dyer was giving a lecture in front of a live studio audience, sharing how he was in the process of writing a book, Living theWisdom of the Tao.

The reason this is so awesome is because I’m currently reading that book. I love it. It keeps me feeling so centered, calm, and peaceful, and makes it easy for me to just accept what is and go with the flow.

What a beautiful synchronicity that I walk in, find a new CD by the man who wrote the book I’m currently loving, recorded when he was writing it!

This is often how my intuition and awareness run my life. When something even crosses my radar, when it feels exciting, uplifting, or I’m interested, I follow that energy.

So often I feel that I live an ease-full, charmed life and I credit my willingness to flow and follow the energy!

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, sick, tired? Maybe you want peace but get conflict. Perhaps you say you want wealth, but only attract debt?

If this is true for you, then you’re out of balance, as the Tao would say.

We can all get out of balance. We go unconscious when it comes to our ideals. Sometimes, at the end of a relationship or career, or when we’re in a transition, we may feel out of balance. Perhaps what we thought we wanted, no longer works.

In these times, we can feel blocked. Stuck. Uncertain.

Today, I want to share with you a video I made about being out of balance and what I know about how to clear that energy, so we can be in flow and create the life of our dreams.

I’m specifically talking about money in this video because we all have money issues, but what I share with you can be applied to any area of life where you desire to make a change and clear the way…

The Tao means The Way…

Click the video below to clear your energy so you can live in flow with why you’re here, without the past programming in the way.


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In two videos, I’ll share with you some common money beliefs we all have and then we’ll clear that energy. In the second video, I’ll share with you more about the clearing statement I use, what it means and where it came from, and if it really works.

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Thank you so much for joining with me today! I hope to connect more with you as we clear what’s in the way, and rise up to thrive!

I leave you today with a quote from The Tao:

Entertain the exact opposite of what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

If you’ve been conditioned to believe that you shouldn’t have money, or you can’t, or it’s the root of all evil, then, just for day, entertain the exact opposite.

This, my friend, is how we live a life of synchronicity, flow and miracles. We notice what shows up in front of us. We follow the energy. We study empowering and inspiring material. We clear what’s in the way, by choosing the opposite of disempowering belief systems.


What would that make possible?


To your empowerment!


All my love,


Rachel Claire

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