How I Discovered I Am a Medium

I was getting a coffee at my favorite local place, when she walked in.

We had met once in a weekend workshop. She waved, walked over, and soon we were on the topic of mediumship.

I confided that I’d had someone show up in a session, but that I didn’t know much about what to do, or how to interpret for the dead.

She said, let’s practice now.

She put a protective energy around us and asked me, whose here for me?

I said, I don’t know.

She said, yes you do, just tell me!

I said, your grandma Anna.

She said, Yep.

I knew very little about her at all. We’d hung out once for lunch with other women. I didn’t know she had a Grandma Anna.

The feeling I had can best be described as elation. I knew. I know. I can sense it. 

For me, it’s not like what the move “The Sixth Sense” portrayed. Which is why I think so many people are afraid of opening up to their abilities. To me, it’s that I feel a presence. I sense them. I see them in my mind’s eye standing behind me- much like a light being.

I know they’re there. I know they’ve passed. I know their relationship to my client.

The first time it ever happened was a in a Clairvoyant Reading and Healing session.

I was reading someone’s energy and then, there loved one was standing behind me, resting their hand upon my shoulder.

I asked her if her father had passed and if his name started with a “T?”

She said that yes, her father had recently passed and his name was Tom.

After that, I got some general messages- you know, about love and comfort and I’m here for you, but nothing super specific.

However, the truth is, I panicked.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I’ve never been trained, I often don’t know what to say and I got really nervous about not getting unique information to “prove” this, so I shut down.

Yet, its continued to happen.

Often, when I’m reading someone, a loved one steps in, always behind my shoulder.

Sometimes I hear things, sometimes I see, and sometimes I’m just overcome with emotion, love, pride and joy.

I have never really told this to many people. I don’t advertise this. I’m not a medium. Except maybe I am.

One weekend, I noticed James Van Praagh was coming to speak at Mile High Church in Lakewood, Colorado, where I grew up.

I went to join his workshop.

He partnered me up with someone to practice reading her. She handed me a book mark.

I instantly saw her in her bed, reading and crying. I knew her father had passed, that this was his, and that she’d been spending a lot of time in bed, journaling, reading his books and processing her emotion and pain.

I told her this. She was shocked.

Wow, you’re so good- that’s exactly right. How’d you do that?

I confessed that I’m a reader, but hadn’t really been practicing as a medium yet. She cried to hear my words of comfort and we hugged.

I left there not sure if this path is for me. James made it clear that it’s a choice. He said:


Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we have to.


And there are so many good mediums, I mean- why bother?

Except it keeps happening. And I keep thinking about learning to do it with a teacher or a guide.

We all have talents and gifts + unique ways of expressing and sharing our divine wisdom. What we do about it, or whether we do anything or not, is totally up to us.


However, if I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that if we resist that which is a calling, or a passion, it shows up like a craving.


And, if we don’t give it to ourselves, it can implode on us. We may feel depressed, lost, sad or down. We may get anxiety, which perpetuates our depression. We may over eat, over spend, turn to addictions, and check out of life.

We each have to heed our own signs, our own gut instincts and choose the path that we will walk. Not all are easy. Some are hard. But choose, we must.

You don’t have to live some grand purpose. You don’t have to keep developing or working hard, or transforming, if you don’t want to.

All you need do is that which makes you happy. Lights you up. Feels good. 

I do think that we have to choose, though. Whatever path we take, it must be a conscious choice. Not a reaction. Not a resistance. Not escaping something, or avoiding.


We have to know who we are, what we want, and choose consciously the next best thing for our lives.


In the end, it’s all a choice. And even choosing wrongly doesn’t matter. We learn. We grow.

Just choose. Take actions. Take some risks. And whatever you do with your precious life, own it!

And as for me and being a medium?

I don’t know what I’ll choose to do about that in the future. Right now, I’m choosing to receive the messages I get when I do, and not to make any big thing out of it. It’s all energy and we all get to do what we want- there’s no obligation, no “have to” about anything at all.


What gifts are coming on deck for you?


What are you working on developing psychically, intuitively or spiritually? I’d love to know. Post a comment below + check back, I always respond.

To knowing your power, accessing your unique gifts and fully choosing for YOU without any pressure, expectation or big deal. It is as it is. And so it is!




Rachel Claire



P.S. Choice creates awareness, so if you’re stuck- just choose! Take an action and awareness will result.