The Astrology of the Birth of the Divine Feminine

My business started over my kitchen table after one question:

“I wonder if someone would actually pay me for a reading?”

I’ll never forget my first client.

I was terrified that they’d know they were my first. That they’d find out I was a fraud, not really an experienced reader at all, and be disappointed.

That’s not how it turned out at all. It was a great reading, I had given some very specific descriptions of things going on in their life + they were satisfied.

If you are also eager to hone skills for future reading, embark on a journey to Learn tarot reading in a more structured manner. Sought out reputable sources, delving into books, online courses, online websites and connecting with seasoned practitioners.

This pursuit not only deepened your understanding of the symbolism within the cards but also enhanced my ability to weave meaningful narratives during readings. Embracing the process of continuous learning, you can discover that the true magic of tarot lies not just in the cards themselves, but in the ongoing exploration and refinement of one’s intuitive abilities.

They referred someone else to me and paid in advance for their session, handing me $200 cash for my first reading.

I was elated.

That was one of the first hurdles, and the question we all must ask, “Can I do this?”

Once we realize we can, then we have other new levels to conquer.

For me, it was:

Can I read for groups?

Could I read via phone? 

What if I did a webinar?

How ’bout I sell a course?

What if I could leverage my time and have a group coaching program?

Can I make passive income with courses or products?

Can I leave my full-time job? 

This is how I’ve spent the years since…

I admire my innocence then, how it all seemed so simple…could I just give a reading?

And still, that’s one of my most treasured acts in my business. I love just giving readings.

However, my work hours are filled with sales funnels, facebook ads, course creation and marketing. I study copy, trends, hashtags, and wonder when my instagram will ever stop being my baby photo album.

At this new level, though, I’ve realized that there has to be something more.

Once we achieve all these different levels and prove to ourselves that, Yes, we can!

What’s next?

For me, it’s about giving back. I’m realizing that my business has to be more than just an ego rub or a way to make money. It has to have a purpose, a mission- or else I’ll get bored and move on to new horizons.

So, as I’ve pondered what really matters to me, I realize it’s this:

The Divine Feminine.

I hesitate to even write that, for its already become cliche. However, let me explain what it means to me.

Whether we’re ready or not, this is what’s already happening here on our planet. But more than that, it’s happening inside each one of us. It’s the resurrection of all that is creative, gestative and nurturing. It’s the honoring of feminine flow, the honor of cycles…the honor of the earth.

The feminine in all of us is emotion.

I can honestly say that what set me apart growing up was my emotions. People said I was sensitive. I turned red easily when embarrassed and I use to burst into tears if caught off guard.

My psychic abilities, long before they were ever called that, were sensitive feelings. They were my emotions.

The rise of the feminine is the rise of honoring our our FEELINGS.

Venus is returning…after being retrograde in Scorpio…rising as a new morning star, growing in her own sign, her full power, of Libra.
This is the first time in over 150 years that Venus has been in Libra…and what’s emerging out there, emerges within us, too…
This time has long been prophesied…the return of the Divine Feminine…that she will save the world from this mania…
The way to the good future is through our emotions…through nurturing all that is tender, young and growing in us.

This is the way forward.

We, as much as anything in the universe, deserve love.

Now is the time to FEEL.

To LOVE . Loving fully, recognizing that we can’t give what we don’t have, so if we wish to feel + have love, we must create it and gestate it, birth it and nurture it within our own hearts and extend to the universe around us… but before we can just move to loving feelings, we have to feel the pain, feel the places that hurt, be willing to be human.
It doesn’t mean we dwell there, but we must feel. Then, we heal and we repair through our own love, which sews us up fresh like a newly made doll.

These thoughts were inspired on a dark Solstice night from a newfound teacher + wise elder.

No one could explain to you better what I mean than this radiant sage, Star Sister.

I hope you’ll listen to this incredibly poetic, powerful + revealing podcast so you can know what’s happening right now in the sky that aids the return + rise of the Divine Feminine within us all.

The mission of my company is to empower + support the Divine Feminine, in all the infinite ways she’s manifested…

And one place I’m going to start is with a powerful organization that supports women who’ve experienced Domestic Violence.

From now on, a portion of all my earnings from readings, courses and coaching programs will go to this fabulous endeavor.

Check out Freefrom here.

Their Mission?

To make safety affordable for all survivors of domestic violence so that they can build lives free from violence for themselves and their children.

One place to support the Divine Feminine is in all the places where she is battered, beaten or bruised. Where she is kept from her basic rights of safety and freedom.

Honoring the Divine Feminine in each of us can look like meditating and yoga and incredible self-care, but for many women right now, it looks like fleeing a potentially fatal situation + simply finding safety for our children.

What’s in the one is in the whole

That means that whatever we feel, is valid. Whatever we are experiencing inside, is manifesting outwardly. The macro is the micro- so where one of us is not free, exemplifies where none of us are free. We are the expanding universe, we are the stars, let us be moved by what we feel + see + take powerful action in love.

Happy New Year!
Rachel Claire


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