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The Secret to Living a Life You Love

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”~Jesus I’m sitting at Alfalfa’s on day three of my High School substitute teacher gig. It’s been awesome. You see, I’ve been cultivating a life of ease and grace. I am committed to creativity and freedom. I want to live well, have money, and I want time to be…

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How to Be in A Relationship

Let’s take the man vs. woman out of the equation. Instead of saying, “this is what women want” or “this is what men want” lets say, in relationships, one partner takes on the male energy and one takes on the female. If the woman initiates, pursues, offers casual sex if she really wants more, then…

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Easy Health Care

“Defense is the first act of war.” ~Byron Katie Picture this: Fifteen friends gathered in to a mountain home walking distance from the beautiful town of Breckenridge. This weekend consisted of good friends, tender touch, deep laughter, cozy fires, hot tub under the stars, delicious meals, movie on the big screen, time in nature and…

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