Spooning Apples, Caprese, and Needles

Today was a beautiful day. I arose, without an alarm clock, after a morning of sleeping in and basking in delicious dreams, to my lover, spooning me and caressing my back. Ladies, he does this just about every day. Purr.

I got up, had warm lemon water, wrote in my journal, made a super food smoothie, enjoyed it on the porch is the sun with my love, and then got ready for the day.

I went up to Longmont to take care of some business from resigning from my full-time teaching job.  I wondered how the drive would feel. I have driven that same route over three-thousand times in the course of my career.

I felt glad. Glad I am done, glad to have this freedom, relieved to not be driving that route twice a day, five days a week, for a hundred and eighty days a year.

Upon my return to Boulder, I went to the Apple store to visit with a MacBook Pro.  This is one way I manifest.  I go, touch it, play with it and feel what it would feel like to own it. My love spoons me. I spoon Apple.

Following my Apple dream-land adventure, I bought myself some sexy new panties at Victoria’s Secret. To wear when I get my MacBook.

I came home and made this version of Caprese Salad, which was divinely delicious. My love, Reid, arrived home just in time to eat it with me.  It felt good to create for him and serve him a delicious meal. Domestication can feel sexy. 😉

After that, I went to my acupuncture  appointment (Classical Five Element) with the most magnificent acupuncturist I have ever known. She is so nurturing, so supportive, so inquisitive about the nature of my life.

She reminds me, through her questions, deep listening, and supportive feedback, that I am thriving.

This journey of mine, it’s like I retired early, and am creating my dreams whilst I am young. In the face of disagreement from my family, confusion and concern from others around me, I contemplated, grappled and chose to leap.

I am happy to report that my depression, my grief, my healing process of really sitting with my decision to quit my job, has taken an up-swing. I have mourned my choice and am now choosing new adventures, as each day unfolds, doing only that which I want to do. I feel good. I feel happy. I feel joyful. I am deeply appreciative.

In the past two weeks, since I made my choice to be on this great adventure, I have sat in a New Moon’s Women Circle with a Council of Elders, received a blessing from Her Holiness Sai Maa, had a massage, acupuncture, made new recipes, seen Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard (check her out if you haven’t, talk about an angelic voice!) at the Temple Buell Theater, participated in a circle with my tribe as we prepare to send off a beautiful family to go live in an intentional community, Elevate, in Ojai, California. I have blogged, chronicled my journey, celebrated a year with my boyfriend, rearranged my house, cleared clutter, and dumped seven years of a classroom to pursue the new! Yee-haw!

I am appreciative of what I now have. I am eager for what is to come. These beautiful end days of summer shall lead to the magical, and my favorite time of year, Fall. I can’t wait to walk in the crisp air, cuddle up in blankets, and watch the yellowing leaves twirl in the wind as they find their way to death, and renewal.

How sacred are these days!? How blessed we are to live in the magically unfolding world full of wonder and beauty and our own creations? We shall follow with the turning tide of change, head inward toward renewal, replenishment, the womb of wonder, and birth forth our dreams in the following year. What blessed seeds we’ve planted and bountiful harvest we sow.

And again. And again. And again. Renewal, rebirth, change. It’s really fun spinning in circles with you.

I love you,

Rachel, Renewal, Haynes.

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