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1 Easy Way to Know You’re in Your Lizard Brain

I’m loving Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin. Consider giving it a read. He says one easy way to know your are using your Lizard brain (reptilian part of your brain) is to manufacture anxiety about people stealing your ideas. Read on to see how this applies. As I danced to the music on the dance floor…

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Soul Secrets Series: My Original Medicine & My Message for the World

I shared my most vulnerable post today. I was so nervous. Did you miss it? It’s private & password protected, so only peeps on my list got access. It’s not too late, though, read on to find out how you can be a part of this conversation. In indigenous teachings, there is an idea that…

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The Secret of Ancient Egypt & the Belt of Orion: My Surprising Interview with a Metaphysician

When was the last time you looked up into the night sky to see Orion gazing back at you? I’ve had a love affair with Orion. Ever since he came to me in my dream and showed me ancient secrets and deep truths about the nature of life, I’ve gazed into the heavens and watched…

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