Flying Snakes

Last night’s dream was of me in a room with many flying snakes.  They were conscious, they were aware of my presence, and they were after me.  As one went flying by my head, I grabbed it in mid air, attempting to control it, but not hurt it. I examined it for evidence of a poisonous nature, or any attempts to bite me.  Over and over the flying snakes whizzed in my direction, and over and over I grabbed them, in mid-air, and asserted my power.

Why snakes, you might ask?  Through my vivid dream life I have dreamt of many snakes.  I have been bitten by their venom, only to transmute it. Their potent symbolism in mythology strikes a deep reverence within me and I heed the call.  Snake woman.  Medusa.  Transmutation. Rebirth. Healer.  It is now that I awaken, shed my old skin and step (or slither) on my path of higher purpose.  This vivid dream life, full of potent symbolism and pre-cognitive thought is only part of my intuitive knowing, my power as a healer, teacher, writer, and psychic.

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