Get Your Hygge On

Get Your Hygge On


Happy Fall darling! You made it. You made it through the heat of the summer, the intensity of the light + it’s time now that you can slooooowww down and rest. Woot!

(If you’re here in the Northern Hemisphere…for the rest of you…you’re getting ready for summer!)

We just celebrated Halloween, Samhain (the witches new year) and El Dia de Los Muertos.

It’s a beautiful time of year where the veil is thin, we connect with our loved ones, and we eat candy- which comes from many traditions where people would leave out sweets for their dead.

I love the cold and enjoy snuggling in for a winter’s rest. I find my dreams, my creativity and my spirit all receive a recharge during this time + I feel that I have more space to slow down and heed the messages of my soul.

There’s nothing like waking up to the world coated in white, to make me feel like I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything except for make warm soup + tea.

Nourishment is so important to our mind, body and spirit and it’s so vital that we have practices that feel nurturing and fill our cup.

Don’t forget that what’s happening on a consciousness level is that the feminine energy is being birthed forth…in the outer world we see it through #metoo and other movements of power, truth + being seen + heard.

However, don’t get too distracted with what’s going on out there. Whatever you do, don’t believe the Maya is real!

The way the feminine creates is that she sits still. She fills up her cup. How?

  • Warm salt baths anyone?
  • A nice walk?
  • Daily meditation?
  • Care to lay with your legs up the wall?
  • Wanna bake?
  • Make some art?
  • Snuggle up with tea + a good book. (I just finished The Immortalists! Holy wow, mama!)
  • Got kiddos? Nourish their spirits + yourself with great stories + crafts from Raising Children in Goddess Traditions.

The world will push for you to be like a man. Your mind will tell you that you better work! (Snap!)

The truth? It’s much softer. Subtle. It’s like a breeze on a warm day.

Know that rest + nourishment are creative too and will produce results, just the same, if not better than, pushing.

Like any woman whose birthed a babe knows, it’s clear when it’s time to push, and when that phase comes, you can’t stop it.

Trust your inner timing + guidance, just like you would if you were in the midst of birth.

When I had Sophia, I read that for how many ever people were present in the room, that would multiply the length of my labor…

No wonder I ended up almost birthing my babe alone, in the wee hours of the morn, in my bathroom.

The truth is, no one else can tell us what’s right for us, only we can know.

However, others can help us see that which we truly desire, that which our heart aches for and what might be in the way, that needs to be let go, so that we can fully birth whatever our soul is here to birth…(though taking rest doesn’t have to mean going it alone...)

So, enjoy this time of incubation…allow yourself to gestate…

And if you’re not clear on what you’re wanting to create…give yourself the gift of space, time, reflection…journal, talk to a trusted friend or guide…

For you’ll need to be ready + well nourished when it’s time to PUSH!

Align yourself with nature + go inward, mama…get yo hygge on!

All my love,


Rachel Claire

P.S. If you’re not able to embrace your dreams, make space for you, or hear your inner voice, reach out for clarity…now, at the start of the Celtic + Witches New Year, is a great time to get in touch with your soul’s yearning + have clarity. Click here to find out more about a reading with me.





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