What to Know about Your Child’s Dream

Robert Moss
wrote one of my favorite books about dreaming, called, Dreamgates.  Through his amazing work, I’ve learned so much about my rich dream life.  Last night’s dream was a strange one.

I was gifted a brand new Macbook Air, which I really want.  A man, older, gray hair, with lots of money bought it for me.  Then, I left it in the trunk of an old boyfriend’s car and forgot about it.  When I finally remembered and returned to retrieve it, it was gone.

After sneaking around a house, not being found out and breaking into other cars, I recovered my new Macbook Air, along with bags of junk from my past.

I left the rest, grabbed the computer, put it in my car, just as my old boyfriend and his accomplices became privy to what was going on and came chasing me.

Again, I had the fearful checking that occurs for me in so many dreams- are the windows up?  The doors locked?  Will the car start?

The car would not start, seemed dead, but by my pure intention and desire to move and get out of there, it moved anyway, and I ran over my ex with the car and made my way, safely, out of there.  Moral of the story?  Clearly, someone is going to gift me a Macbook Air. 😉

Click here to read about how to support your child when they wake from a dream.  Let’s honor our dream life for the rich tapestry of information that it is and the insights it can provide.



Rachel Claire

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