Tap into Your Feminine Heart and Release the Struggle

Tap into Your Feminine Heart and Release the Struggle


Hello love! I have a question for you! How’s your feminine heart? (Even if you’re a male…how’s your feminine energy!?)

So often in my readings lately there’s information about allowing ourselves to come into balance with feminine ways of creating.

The old paradigm of going out there, efforting, pushing and “trying” to make things happen won’t work well for us anymore.


It’s time to birth forth the feminine energies on this planet, whether you’re male or female.


The feminine creates differently than what we’re use to. It goes against all our programming from the culture.


How do we know if the feminine is out of balance?


You might feel…

  • Exhausted
  • Angry
  • Resentful
  • Full of blame
  • Lonely
  • Grasping
  • Stressed
  • Tired

You might eat lots of ice cream! (Wait! Maybe that’s just me…)

  • You might not be making art
  • You’re still stuffing your voice
  • You’re still putting energy into relationships that suck you dry


What the planet is calling forth, what consciousness is birthing right now, is the FEMININE ENERGY.


So, ALL the WAYS that we’re out of balance are rising up. (Our anger, pain, frustration + disappointments.)


How do we find our center + get in balance + move THROUGH the FEAR?


  • Meditate
  • Dance
  • Make art
  • Be in nature
  • Be alone
  • Find silence
  • Write

If you’re doing your work right now, it’s not easy.


If you’re opening y our heart and loving + FEELING THE PAIN, it’s a LOT to allow to flow through right now! All the places we resist our feminine heart are being triggered!  Following yoga routines such as Uddiyana helps to think better due to the increased blood flow and also helps getting you into a better shape. 


Listen in to this video as I share how the feminine manifests.




Much love,


Rachel Claire



P.S. If you’re no in my Facebook group, come join us + share with me- can you relate? How are you healing your feminine/masculine energies + finding creative joy + balance? If you’re not, let us support you on the journey to wholeness! Join us here: https://theboulderpsychic.com/yourdivinelife

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