Her Deep Source

This morning, I came across this video and gave it a listen.  It rocked me. I felt the truth of it in my bones and the spark of inspiration. This is what I have been feeling that I have not yet given voice to.  I think it is something many women are feeling.  As the Dalai Lama said, “Western women will save the world.”  I think we will.  We are waking up to our divine feminine nature.  I see many beautiful, embodied women teaching, speaking, sharing ways for the feminine to wake up to herself, honor her natural rhythms and express herself authentically in the world.  The days of the masculine rule are dwindling and the rise of the feminine is evident.  She is calling.  Sera Beak asks the question, “Does this feel authentic to my soul?”  What a revolutionary question to ask.  This is the wave of now, our time, this is the life and vision we women are here to birth. The old ways of being enslaved to a system that says we must find a secure job, make lots of money, work hard, save, invest, have life insurance, plan for retirement; in short, seek security; these old ways of our ancestors, do they feel authentic to your soul? Those ways are dying. I have come here to embody the divine feminine, to birth creativity that is empowering, enlivening, and orchestrates a life I love that inspires compassion, peace, empowerment, honoring our bodies, ourselves, our earth and our natural rhythms and cycles.  This is the way of the modern-day feminine warrior.  She is putting down her sword and birthing her heart.  She is healing from within the ways in which she has wanted to defend, resist, close, deny. She is giving up doing it your way and she is about to reign, her way.  She has known sacrifice.  She knows what it is like to birth life in the depths of darkness and pain. She knows the ecstasy of divine writhing. She knows the cycle of nature and the stars, intimately. She rides the tides of the moon. She bleeds her letting go. She birthed you. Her body holds the womb of life and she is ready to receive.

Annette Van Leigh states, “What we deny ourselves, we deny to all of life.”  If I deny myself the freedom to leave a job that I no longer love so I can have more money, then, I deny empowerment and freedom to all of life. I spread the word, by example, that we must still cling to security.  I teach that a job is my source.  It is time for me to step into the truth that I am sustained by the love of God.  My soul, She will sustain me, through Source.  She, the part of me that is all of everything, the infinite divine, will create miracles through me beyond my wildest dreams.  I must dare to believe.  I must dare to walk the path.

How can we worry about security when we swirl amongst supernovas?

So today, and every day, may we ask ourselves, “Is this authentic to my soul?” Then, bravely act.  Things are about to get shaken up over here. Nobody is secure.

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