How to Know When You Should Say Yes and How to Manifest More Easily

The other day I realized that I need to belong to a gym. I thought about going back to my old one, then I imagined the dark interior, the sauna with all the sweaty men in their clothes, listening to their ipods.

I was ready to join a place that felt opulent and beautiful, so that I’d be more inspired and motivated to go, so I looked up the nicest gym in town and headed off to go check it out.

As soon as I walked in, I felt my whole body get excited and light.This is how you know when you’re a yes. Your body tells you!

As we walked around and saw the indoor/outdoor pool, followed by the hot yoga room, I literally started jumping up and down.

When I saw the sauna and the hot tub in the women’s locker room, my whole body lit up and relaxed and I knew I was in.

So tell me, I said to the nice young man giving me the tour: how much is it?

As he told me the fee, I quickly figured out how I could shift my money around so it wasn’t a new expense at all, simply a different way of spending my money, and then I signed up on the spot.

Driving home, I began to rehearse my defense to tell my mother. She watches my daughter Sophia for me and she doesn’t like to see me spend money. Ever.

I was imagining how I’d say, oh, no, nope, it’s no money at all...then I thought how I’d just convince my mom that anything I ever wanted or participated in didn’t actually cost a thing…

And that’s the silly part. This is the world we live in. Money rules. We have to have it. Of course what we desire and value will cost us money.

And I’m not willing to continue to live my life based on other people’s money beliefs. If I based all my actions on what will please my mother, I’d be denying my own soul, never following my higher guidance, and I’d be miserable.

I believe that we can manifest in our lives by choosing things that are uplifting and joyful for us.

The universe guides us through synchronicity and our intuition. If we don’t choose these things, and we deny the spiritual nature of life and its messages, then we fail to live what’s possible and reach our potential.

We have to be willing to follow our desires, choose for ourselves and say YES! 

The more we surround ourselves with spaces, places, people and things that we love and enjoy, then the more we raise our vibration. We feel better. 

The Divine expresses itself through beauty, goodness and truth. Being in beautiful spaces is an energetic state of being- it inspires!

We all have moms and dads and brothers or husbands telling us we shouldn’t buy that, or we can’t afford that, or not to do that. 

At a certain point in our spiritual development, we stop living our lives for others.

We know ourselves well enough to know what is our truth and what we desire and then we set boundaries and triumphantly choose for ourselves nurturing things.

See, here’s the thing. I know that this investment in an athletic club is going to up-level my life. My health care is non-negotiable. I believe in spending my money on what I truly value- yoga, time to exercise, sports which may utilize a launch monitor, swim and soak in hot tubs and saunas.

This new investment will do wonders for my body, mind and spirit. And, I’ll be teaching Sophia by example to honor herself and her body.

Beyond that, every time I listen to my inner desires, hunches and knowing and act accordingly, then the universe will continue to reward me with synchronicity to assist me in manifesting my best life!

If you’re ready to say yes to what is for you and to manifest your Divine life then ask for what you want, and when life shows up with the answer, notice it. Believe it. Take heed. Then, follow through and say yes.

If your body feels light, expansive, excited, then this is your YES! Anytime we feel heavy, then we are a no. Go for your light, your yes, and your best life, love!

I leave you with some questions today love:

  • What do you keep seeing, hearing or thinking about? Could this be your guidance? Is the universe, your higher self, or spirit trying to communicate with you through synchronicity?
  • What do you desire to do but feel you can’t afford it? Could you move your money around so that you’re spending more on what you value?
  • What could you do to nurture you? Where have you not been allowing yourself to have based on other people’s opinions? Could you choose something just for you today, regardless of what others say?

This time of year is fall in the Northern Hemisphere. The trees are showing us how to shed and let go. What out-dated, unserving beliefs that keep you from having what you want are you ready to let go of?

In some traditions, this is the New Year.
What could you give yourself to start off on a new foot and to decide that this is the year things change!?

As always, I love to hear from you, so leave a comment below and tell me what you’re inspired to choose just for you! In honor of Halloween, be naughty + give it to yourself! (It’s really actually so good!)


Rachel Claire

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