Super Soul Sunday

I’m taking this idea from Oprah. I don’t think she’ll mind because I don’t think she will ever know and if she ever does, that would mean she heard of me, and then it would be a dream come true, so, yeah.

Will you tell Oprah on me if you know her?  Thanks.

Back to Super Soul Sunday. My plan for Sunday’s was to not work, so I at least have one day a week where I am not sitting in front of my computer writing. Yet, I love writing and I crave it enormously. So, alas, I am here.

I will be off to hike in Nederland very soon with my sweet boyfriend, Reid. It’s another gorgeous day in colorful Colorado.

Last night I attended a kirtan at The Star House in the foothills of Boulder. It was a beautiful, bright, full moon as we made our way up the mountain and then down the dirt path and emerged into the valley. We saw two deer on the way. Thank you, spirit animals, deer is a reminder of gentle love. Deer is the meaning of my name. Deer has been a sacred kin to me most of my life.

Greeted by friends with warm hugs and bright smiles, we entered the space and settled in for a serene and boisterous devotional chanting to the divine. I sat in stillness and immersed myself in the joyful bliss. I danced with arms waving in the air, hips shaking, until I could handle it no more, and then I danced harder. It was that good.

Jai Ma, Om Namah Shivaya, Ma Durga, Here Om, Hare Om, and on and on into the mystic air and shadows created by the glowing moon, our moon. Yours and mine. It is ours.

We love the moon. We love standing on this spinning sphere and worshipping the changing phases and brilliant light reflected to us by our moon when our sun is unseen and yet its light so ever-present it is able to bathe us while it slumbers.

I love looking at the moon and knowing that my beloveds, wherever they may be, are looking upon that same moon. Part of me finds it hard to believe. Really, do we gaze upon the same moon? Do you see it too?

I love that you do.  I love that you look. Star gaze my loves. Let’s do it more, let’s get lost in the eyes of the stars as if they were the entry way to our beloved’s soul. They are.

I love you. I sing your name, great God and Goddess that you are, Hare Om, I love you.

Until eternity, shine on, you crazy diamond!!


And whilst many of my near and dear are far and dusty, chasing dreams and burning brightly, I burned too, my loves. May this candle be a beacon lighting your way back home to us, my loves, return safely, and share with us the dreams you dreamed.

With unlimited love like the streaming rays of wandering light and star-dust I open to you, bow to you, and surrender into my abiding love for you,

There, that’s expression of my soul for Super Soul Sunday,

Rachel, Can you Feel Me, Claire

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