Holy Spirit Loves

I want to call you and say, “Hello, my love.”

But you are not my love

You never were my love

You will never be my love

You are not mine to have

What is it that I long for?

The sweet, succulent kiss of my savior?

Is it only a longing to be one with the Divine?

Sweet union with source

To sip the sweet nectar of divine being

That birthed me, that is me, that makes me up?

Why do I long for union with you, my love?

You, who reflects to me my shadow and my light

Your eyes gaze sweetly into mine

My lips swell in succulence

Oh! I care not if it is only possession that makes me want the rapture of your arms around me!

I want it! I do! I claim it!

Mine! My sweet love!!

How are you, my sweet love?

I want to lie in your embrace for the rest of my life

I want to die in the arms that hold me so sweetly

I want to gaze into your eyes forevermore until I see the sunrise of my soul

You, my love, invoke this in me!

You, my love, evoke this from me!

You, my love, splintered love, sliver yourself into me, under my skin and stay there!

Don’t whittle your way out!

I want you of me, in me, part of me, forever more my love!

That is what is true my love, you are my love, my name, sweet, soulful, divine, God!!

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