Lovely Spiritual Lady, Here’s a Reality Check

Lovely Spiritual Lady, Here's a Reality Check

I’m still elated about this here job I’ve created for myself. Sometimes I just marvel at the fact that I kinda made it up. I dreamt it up + now it pays the bills, feeds my soul, and provides a nice life for me + my baby girl.


Sometimes, even the most magical of things can become blase.


After awhile, the novelty or newness wares off. Our new home, car, job, becomes old news.


Or, because we’re so immersed in something ourselves, we fail to remember how special it is, or how special we are.


Not like special “better than” but special like everyone is special and no one is special.


For example, let’s take the fact that you’re super intuitive. Or that you just know things.


Or that you can channel information from higher realms and talk to the deceased relatives of loved ones.


After awhile, even this seems old hand and loses its luster.


That’s where I come in. I often say to the women I have the pleasure of speaking with that I’m here to remind them that they’re not normal.


When we’re immersed in spiritual communities, or places where there are lots of people + culture, we can forget that not everyone is like us. 


Imagine that maybe half of the people on the planet even believe that ESP or psychic abilities is possible. Of those, fewer believe that they possess those abilities. Of those, even fewer still are actually up for using them as a career or a service in this life-time.


So, if you’re a psychic, a healer, an energy worker, intuitive, you’re a fairly small minority on this planet. 


Add in abilities like mediumship, and darlin’ you’re not normal in the best way!


When we live in communities like I do, saturated with healers + people aware of new age practices, we can forget that for a large part of the world, we’re not normal.


And, with the onset of the internet and FB ads, we can reach more people in the world more easily.


This is the perfect storm for a spiritual being wanting to create a business online + make an impact. 


There are people out there who need you! People who can only hear it the way you say it!


So, I just want to pop in today and say, you’re not like everyone else out there. You are needed. Your voice does matter, and if you’re sitting on beautiful gifts, there’s a special opportunity for you!


You have free will, you get to choose, by no means do you have to do anything just because you can, but if you’re dreaming in your heart of reaching more people, having a platform, writing a book, speaking around the world, then that’s yours for the asking!


Don’t make the mistake of looking around and deciding you’re not needed, or that you don’t have something unique to offer, simply because you see many other doing it, you do!


Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear from you! What are you dreaming of?


What are you creating? What’s that idea that keeps popping in your mind? Share with us your dream + make it real!


Writing things down brings it into the material world + helps it to manifest!


What’s an action you can take to move toward your dream? Check back, as I always reply to comments.


Thank you for joining with me today!


All my love,

Rachel Claire




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