Psychic Training 101: Trust Your Intuition

Trusting intuition is about making the choice to heed the voice within and follow your gut knowing. Often when we have a choice to make, there is an immediate answer, or knowing, that is right there. I have spent years over-riding that voice, questioning it, or mistrusting.

Today, I know that immediate hit, the inner yes or no that I hear right in the moment someone asks me a question, is the answer. It isn’t always a fun experience, as we may want to say yes, when we just heard a startling no inside. Intuition often requires blind faith, turning down something even when we don’t yet know why.

To truly follow the path of your guidance, you have to be willing to say no, even when you may want to say yes. It’s a path of trust and faith, that in time, reaps huge rewards.

I remember one cold, winter’s night in high school when I was 16. My friends and I were all headng up to the mountains to a friend’s cabin. My friend Dan picked me up at my house and we went off to pick up the next person. The whole way I felt my resistance, heaviness.

It was so hard for me, but I said, “I don’t think I want to go. Can you drop me off?” I felt so uncool and I didn’t understand why I didn’t want to go.

My friends, when they came back from the trip, informed me that the car had broken down on the side of the road and they were out there for hours in the freezing cold. When they made it to the cabin, they had no heat. They were up at that cabin without permission, turns out, and everyone met with disappointment from our friend’s parents who owned the cabin.

My psychic knowing prevented my participation in an event that would not have been very enjoyable for me. My life has been full of such experiences, and when I’ve ignored the voice and pushed on, I’ve experienced painful times that could have been avoided.

It is about being willing to care for ourselves and listen to our bodies. We know the answer, we are the answer.

The bottom line is you can trust that voice, that knowing, every time. If you get grounded, close your eyes, and ask, you will hear an immediate answer. You don’t even have to close your eyes, or ground, truly, that knowing is there all the time and speaks to us regardless. Yet, we can create practices to assist us in hearing our answers.

Another way to choose well for yourself is to notice if you are wavering in the decision-making process. If you feel anxiety or uncertainty in the moment of making a choice, perhaps that is your intuition guiding you that it is not right for you. For me, I have learned the hard way, that every time I am uncertain in the moment- that is my sign.

Notice if that happens for you, or what happens for you. There may be that thing you always do in the moment of choosing, one way or another, that is key to insight about following your intuitive knowing.

Furthermore, guidance can come in the way of dreams. Pay attention to your dreams, write them down, and know that spirit may give you guidance ahead of time to assist you on your path. You, and only you, can really know what your dreams mean and how to interpret the information.

Pay attention and trust that your answers come to you.

Intuition comes down to subtlety. Pausing to notice the difference between the mental chatter in our mind and the still, small, voice that simply states our answer.

If I hear go left, I go left. I don’t question it at all anymore.

Once we begin to put our attention on something, it grows, so know that your intention and attention is enough.

Emotions tell us how we feel too, so honor how you feel. If it feels good, and you are being pulled in that direction, go! Let yourself receive what you love.

If you feel uncertain, hesitant, resistant, or like you want to leave, don’t override with your mind and rationalize– rationalizing is always mind. Intuition is knowing, a small voice, or a gut feeling that can’t be denied and your intuitive voice is a gentle nudge, never a fearful voice.

Happy intuiting! Enjoy heeding the call of your inner guidance system and continue to create a life of ease and grace!

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Rachel Claire


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