::Kita:: A Sacred Celebration of Scorpio Energy

Imagine yourself lying in a cuddle puddle on the floor. Laser lights etch in the sky, pink and purple glowing crystals, music that makes your heart ache and sing and yearn to dance, but you sit still, for the warmth of your brothers and sisters has melted your flesh, softening every curve and you’ve never felt so safe.

Your brother of power and fire and darkness and light plays at his computer, and you glance up at him to catch him pounding his fists into the air to the rhythm of the music and you see how much it moves his heart. He is no longer his name, he is the pure essence of love and passion.

All through the house, every corner and nook and cranny is filled with loving family, sinking in to hold and embrace, to touch with tender love and full heart.

Laughter, dance, and escapades with blindfolds that were more nice than naughty in the end.

An angel walk- it’s your turn to receive the love of those around you. You close your eyes and head into the arms of friends and you are hugged, squeezed, held deeply. In that moment you know there will always be a hand that reaches out.

Laughter erupts from within our bellies and ignites the child inside, we each let ourselves be captivated by its healing rhythms and melt into the ecstasy of what it is to laugh, to be taken over by laughter, to bond tightly with those you love through the amusement and humor of seeing or hearing something in a similar way.

We struck each others cords and played each others drums and danced awake the inner call to rise up…for we are on our way…and the journey has begun.

Thank you, my brothers and sisters, thank you. Thank you for playing all night, thank you for accepting each and every one, in all their ways, thank you for fanning the flames, and quieting the fires when it’s time to bow.

As Chris Valle stated, “We are offering our нё(aят) in ceremony, multi~dimensional activities, musical journeys ♬ ♪ ♫ ♪ that take you from the core of our mother Gaia to crossing the Event Horizon of the stars. We will nightcap with sensuality~filled play to carry you on a cloud atlas into a potent journey.”

Mission accomplished.

As I lay there in the arms of my beloved, I felt myself across all time and space, the serpent power of ancient elixir that transcends all and yet is ever-present. A Cloud Atlas of a potent journey, for sure. And such is life.

Thank you for laughing with full abandon and rising in the new day’s sun to meet our beloved yet again, but yet anew.

Thank you for your eyes that seek only love.

Thank you for playing in the imaginative world of wonder and awe.

This is only the beginning.

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