Don’t Get Caught in This Common Spiritual Trap

Art by Rudolph Carl Gorman
Art by Rudolph Carl Gorman

“The era of ditsy women must end.” ~Marianne Williamson

Right after the bombing happened in Boston, I got really sick for the first time in over a year. I was ill, my pain-body awakened, my deepest wounds and fears seemed to surface and then I spent too much time on Facebook and got hooked into some conspiracy theory videos and felt my fear surge.

I was irate. Done.

I was done with the violence, the corruption, the war, the lies, all of it.

Then, I was struggling.

The Law of Attraction, The Secret,  all those texts that say that I must only focus on the positive, were clashing with the being in me that felt the need to rise on up and speak out!

I wanted to sing my truth from every mountain top! 

What hurt the most was that part of me was angry and part of me felt that I was wrong.

If I am truly spiritual, should I only focus on the positive?

If I notice the atrocities will I only make them grow?

What does a spiritual person do in times of strife and pain?

I hear that spiritual mantra so many say: Don’t give any attention or energy to anything that causes fear. Only put attention on the positive.

You know what? That’s not true.

My answer came and it came in the voice of a trusted spiritual teacher named Marianne Williamson, and this, my friends, is what she said, in my own words.

If we are really paying attention, we know that one in four children is hungry. We know that in this country we have the largest numbers of incarcerated people on our planet right now. We know that our food system is corrupt, our water’s poisoned, our oceans and rivers polluted.

We must not be in denial.

We must not succumb to the erroneous thinking that someone or something else will deal with it all, or that it will magically float away.

The spiritual trap is this type of thinking: “Well, I am spiritual, so I am only going to focus on the good.”

We must pay attention. We must mark it, know it, see it, and then, we do what all spiritual people do, and we offer ourselves up as the vehicle, the conduit, the intersection where the divine meets with the flesh here on earth and we get busy doing what needs to be done. Together.

We are here on earth for a short time. We have much to do to ensure that we turn the ship around on the corruption of our systems, the starvation of our children, the poisons in our water, lakes and oceans and it is up to us. It is ours to improve and transform.

Let us not wait. Let us begin today and not turn a ditsy face or ignore the siren’s call.

We can, as Marianne Williamson says in this amazing video, transcend it, but only after we let it stir a fire in our bellies.

We know how this story ends, love wins. Our only question is, when? That, my friend, is up to you and me.

We can’t pretend to be loving, compassionate, caring or on our path if we are willing to turn the other cheek and be in denial about what’s happening.

Are you ready to be part of the great collaborative awakening?

Watch this video by  Marianne.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW: (She begins about 50 minutes in. It lasts about an hour. It’s worth it.)

Join me in being used up by the divine.

As a prayer in A Course in Miracles says, “Holy Spirit, where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say and to whom?”

This is how we live a spiritual life.

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Much love,


Rachel Claire


  1. Rachel, thank you for the honesty. It happens way too often that we almost lie to ourselves by only focusing on the good things in our lives. Sometimes negative thoughts, bad mood are like fever in the body, isn’t it? We can’t solve the basic problem if we only deal with the fever…

    1. Thank you for reading, stopping by and taking time to comment! I appreciate it! You are welcome for the honesty, thank you for receiving. 🙂

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