5 Things You Must Do to Live Your Purpose and Have a Fulfilling Life

Art by Lisa Evans
Art by Lisa Evans

We all have our path we are meant to walk.

Yes, we have free will, too. We can choose to go in many different directions, but when it comes to the things we are meant to learn, or the path we are meant to walk, or repeating patterns to lessons we’ve yet to learn, there are some important things we must do.

Read on to discover 5 things you must to to live your purpose and have a fulfilling life.

If we put off our intuition, ignore our inner hunches and postpone that which we are here to accomplish, we will bring on those lessons to a greater degree.

We each have special gifts and purposes to fulfill in this life-time. We will receive guidance and support in how to fulfill our purpose and our mission.

Intuition comes to guide us towards that which will grow us, serve us, expand us. That which will complete our Karma. It comes in gut feelings, hunches, knowing, yearnings, desire.

So often we push away that which we really want, or rationalize with our mind because logically something doesn’t seem realistic. Yet, this is how we know our path. Our desires are keys to our innermost yearnings and access to unfolding the life we are meant to live.

We must allow ourselves to side with ourselves.

Pay attention when you desire something. This is a way that your passions and purpose speak to you.

If we don’t heed the calls, act upon our hunches, or take action to pursue our deep yearnings, we bring on our lessons in bigger ways. (Click to tweet this)

It is best to take action and pay attention in the beginning, for if we ignore our patterns, and our lessons, and what we’ve been shown over and over, we bring it on more overtly until it becomes a problem in our face that we must deal with.

Our subconscious mind will create larger and more obvious circumstances that we must deal with if we continue to ignore the signs.

The way we heal is by paying attention. Listen to your inner voice, trust your knowing and take action accordingly. Following our intuition is deeply reverent and highly spiritual and leads us to a harmonious life that unfolds with grace and ease.

Choosing to ignore patterns, or to persist with our logical mind, only brings problems, confusion, and overt disorders such as diseases. Or, we act surprised, hurt, blind sided. Yet, the truth is, intuitively, we know what’s coming- in our relationships, our jobs, with our boss, we know.

It’s time we stop pretending and begin following the subtle ways of true knowing.

I am a firm believer that we create our sicknesses and diseases or accidents to learn lessons that perhaps we didn’t learn when they were more subtle. If we don’t pay attention, spirit, our higher self, will see to it that we learn.

So, to really know your purpose and live a fulfilling life, you must cultivate a connection with yourself so that when your intuition guides you, you can perceive it and follow its urgings.

To do that, follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be off to creating life in alignment with your soul:

1. Meditate.

It can be as little as 5-15 minutes a day of closing your eyes and following your breath. Include a mantra too, if that helps. Sat Nam is a good one. Sat on the in-breath, Nam on the out-breath. This is a must do!

2. Spend time engaging in your creative urges.

As little as 15 minutes set aside to do that thing you keep thinking about doing, follow your desire, or to make your art, or work on your book, or practice your yoga will appease your mind, replenish your spirit and start a habit that could stick! 15 minutes a day and you’re on your way to accomplishing a new dream!

3. Be in nature.

We are nature hungry. Go outside. A simple daily walk could suffice. It will calm your mind and your nervous system, engage your senses and inspire you!

4. Write.

This is a great practice for anyone. Writing daily, say for the first 15 minutes after you get up, gives you a chance to “brain-dump” and get it all out on the page. You’ll remember dreams, get clear on what you want, see your feelings, and feel better in touch with you. This is such an important touch stone, or way to really connect with ourselves. Do it! You may end up automatic writing and receiving answers to deep questions.

5. Just Ask!

Ask for guidance. Ask to feel better. Ask for motivation. Ask for what you want. In your mind, out-loud, on paper, wherever! Just Ask! We all have guides and Angels around us. They can’t interfere unless we ask them too. Give them permission to assist you, and ask away! If you don’t believe, ask to have your faith strengthened. Begin a dialogue today with you and spirit.

Follow these simple guidelines and be on your way to deeper self-connection, living your purpose and having a fulfilling life!!


Rachel Claire

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  1. Beautifully written and very practical advice. I am new to publicly expressing my thoughts in this area (and even newer at blogging). May I include your website on my blog?


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