God Expresses Itself in These 3 Ways + Tips for Opening Up Space for the Divine

dreamstimefree_10231486When I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I now reside and have for the last 11 years, my boyfriend at the time helped me pare down my things.

I moved my stuff from my apartment into my mom’s house for a few weeks. That move required a large moving truck.

After my boyfriend was done with me, all of my worldly possessions could fit in my car.

I’ll never forget driving to Boulder, crying.

What about that leather Native American purse with the fringe that I paid $200.00 for? What did we do with it?

What about my shower curtain & that rug? Will I miss the hutch that sat in my dining room?

I was simultaneously freed up & devastated.

In order to get rid of so many things, he sat with me in my mom’s garage for hours. We went through every. single. item. I owned. If I had any sort of reaction, we had to talk about it.

If I said, oh, no, not that, I’m definitely keeping that, my boyfriend would dig deep & get to the bottom of my attachment. Inevitably, those things ended up in the “donate” pile.

He taught me a hard lesson. I cling to material things that I don’t use, nor love, with a passionate fervor, out of guilt. 

For me, I cling to things out of guilt about how much money I spent on them. In my house, growing up, if I really wanted something, I’d promise my mom that I’d keep it forever.

I intended to make good on those oaths.

How many of us do that? We spent more than we should, so we have to keep it. Or it was given to us, so we have to keep it. Or, we might use it one day, so we have to keep it.

Yet, the things that are around us, if they are not enlivening & uplifting & a representation of the life we desire to create, then they ought not be around.

Lately, I’m getting rid of lots of things, as I quite easily do, now that I got over that fateful day in me mum’s garage.

As I look around my home, I notice that I desire more space, places for God to fill in. My eyes want to rest upon the empty.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Chi, energy, spirit, God, will rush in & fill the space we create.

Anything that I don’t love, is broken, I don’t use, or doesn’t uplift me, has to go.

I recently got rid of my bed. That was a big move for me.

Then, I got rid of bags of clothes & old lamps given to me.

Slowly but surely, I am creating a space around me that is beautiful & an expression of my creative Self, as opposed to all the things given me, that I accepted to save money. The problem is, I ended up in a home filled with someone else’s stuff.

As I grow, I desire to see my creative expression in the world, and that includes my home, fo sure!

Our creative energy is spiritual. When we give ourselves permission to express our unique flair in our home & surroundings, we are spreading our spiritual energy, actualizing beauty as an expression of the Divine.

The divine expresses itself through beauty, goodness & truth.

If something is taking up space in your world & it is not beautiful, and it does not feel true & good, as an expression of you when you look upon it, let it go.

To create peace in our heart & mind, having spacious surroundings helps.

If you’re ready to create change in your life, start with your stuff. I believe when we move furniture around, clean, and get rid of things we no longer love, we facilitate that same transformation in our inner world, as well.

Look at each room. Look at each piece of furniture. Does it work? Do you love it? How does your energy feel when you look upon it? Uplifted or depleted?

If it’s depleting you, then every day, unconsciously, your energy is being sucked. Let it go. Replace it with something that is a symbol of your creative Self & the beauty you’re out to create in the world.

Click the link below for a great article on 10 tips for clearing your clutter to help you in getting started, or to spur you on as you continue creating  in the world!


Thank you for being here today. I’d love to hear from you. What do you think, do you like to clear clutter, does it feel uplifting? Leave me a comment. What tips do you have for creating beautiful spaces?

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All my love,


Rachel Claire

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