How to Care for Your Self and Manage Your Energy in 3 Easy Steps

How to Care for Your Self and Manage Your Energy in 3 Easy Steps


We are sensitive beings and we often pick up the energy, thoughts, and feelings of people around us. It is important to learn to manage our energy and we can do so by taking good care of ourselves and paying attention to our energetic boundaries.

There are a few routines I do every day to ensure that my space is clear and clean.

Today, I will share with you three steps to take to better manage your energy and your space.

Step One:

Set your own personal aura, or boundary bubble. Simply imagine the energy & space around you. Fill it in with a color that feels healing for you. Notice the boundary, or edge, and ensure that it is a good distance all around, above and below.

Step Two:

Set the space in which you live or work. Ground it by imagining a beautiful big tree trunk in the center of the room, from the ceiling all the way to the center of the earth. Notice the boundary of the space and fill it with healing colors.

Step Three:

When you notice your energy is lagging, ask, “Who does this belong to?” Check in with yourself and if it is not yours, say, “Return to sender with consciousness.” Get really good at noticing when you feel off and asking this question. Soon, you’ll realize that often, the energy you feel in a given moment, doesn’t belong to you. This will bring consciousness, or awareness, to your own energy and let you know when you’re picking up on the thoughts and feelings of others.

Paying attention to our energy, how we feel, and how the space around us, can help us to realize how aware we are, and how much our environment affects our feelings. 

What we put our attention on grows, so soon enough, we’ll begin to sense other people’s energy, we’ll have more awareness of our own, and we’ll sense the energy of a space, and know when it needs to be cleared.

If you’d like to know more about clearing your space at home or work, I recommend the following books:

Magical Housekeeping

Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui


Thanks for joining with me today! Here’s to cleaning your space, inside and out! For more space clearing and energy healing tools, visit my youtube channel. 



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