To Have Vision, Knowledge and Wisdom of the Heart, Open Your 6th Chakra

Indigo Chakra

Welcome to your 6th chakra, your Ajna chakra, your third-eye.

This chakra is in the center of your head & is indigo in color.

It is the chakra of vision, knowledge, and wisdom of the heart. As the 3nd layer of the aura, it is the seat of spiritual consciousness.

The sound is OM.

Make this sound while focusing on the brow while imagining indigo light filling the area.

This chakra often needs to be cleansed, deprogrammed, or “debugged” as I like to think of it. Those of us who were psychically aware children often had other entity energy attempt to get into our energy field to block our knowing or awareness.

Imagine if you were a small child & you just knew things. Imagine that your parents knew that you knew and it wasn’t safe for you to know and for them to know that you knew.

Imagine that you left part of your awareness, closed it down, denied a part of yourself, so that you could survive and love your parents, protectors or caregivers, for you had no choice, really. As a small child you had to identify with them, side with them, give up your power.

Parents who grew up with fear around psychic stuff, clairvoyance, etc. and think it is negative, or witchy, may have unconsciously, energetically blocked you, so that you wouldn’t be so powerful & aware. It was threatening to their survival & unconsciousness, and they did their best to shut it down in you.

Or, maybe you had open parents, but you yourself are afraid to see what you see, know what you know & speak your truth. Perhaps you’ve picked up other people’s fear energy around being fully aware & sensing.

In this case, your third eye may be blocked, closed, shut down, or filled with debris or other entity stuff.

If your chakra is unbalanced, you will feel stuck & stagnant. You will get headaches often. You will not know what to do & will go to other people to ask their advice & get them to help you. You may have problems with your physical eyes.

You might be afraid to connect with the spiritual realm, angels & guides, for you fear what you might see. You may think that being psychic is a “special” ability that you don’t have.

You will give up on your visions, your dreams, you may not have any nightly dreams, or you don’t clearly see what’s possible for your future. You may not imagine your future, which is part of creating it & drawing it to you.

You will have fear, be afraid to see certain things about life & will project your fear onto other people. You might feel resigned or cynical about life. You may not have much faith in anything beyond what you can see with your physical eyes.

With a fit 6th chakra, you can see the light of God. You can see what’s good & true & pure about people. You have wisdom, love, insight.

You use your gifts & talents appropriately, you share yourself openly & honestly with others, with an energy of reverance & honoring.

You claim your power & your right to know what you know, see what you see & speak your truth. You see beyond the veil of the day to day. You read energy, interactions, you follow the flow, for you trust in life and you believe you are being Divinely Guided.

You trust in your power and life. You believe in a higher purpose, you have faith and you open to receive and allow yourself to see & be seen. You know that all is unfolding in your highest good & you focus on spiritual energy, God, connection to source, awareness, and choosing powerfully, knowing you have access to unlimited ways of perceiving & being.

You channel, you believe you are an instrument of Divine Grace & you pray to be used by the Holy Spirit.

If you believe in the devil, evil spirits, negative things, or that certain abilities or awarenesses are scary, bad, or not Holy, then you’re still living in a paradigm of fear, duality & you believe that you are separate from God.

If you know that you are an energy of God, created by your Source, an extension of Source Energy, then you believe that you are safe, all is safe and all is God.

Welcome to your spiritual consciousness. Awareness, Vision, Knowledge & Wisdom of the Heart.



Rachel Claire

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