5 Quick Tips to Keep Psychic Separation & Survive the Hectic Holidays


The holidays are upon us. For some, this means some variety of fun, family, hot cocoa and winter adventures. For others, it can mean stressful family situations, feeling triggered and sadness.

Not all of us have family & friends to be with during the holidays and for those of us who do, it’s not always peachy.

To stay centered, calm and grounded when with family or friends this holiday season, try the following tips:

Get grounded:

Bring your attention to your third eye space behind your eyes and imagine a grounding cord, like a tree trunk, going all the way to the center of the earth. Have this cord attach at the base of your spine (root chakra) and intend that all the energy that no longer serves you leaves your space and goes back to the earth where she will transmute it! Make this grounding cord as wide as your hips & as large and sturdy as an ancient redwood tree.

Be easy about this- it takes no effort, just intention! Keep centered behind your eyes, don’t follow the cord down to the earth. Just trust.

Aura Bubble:

After you get grounded, imagine a bubble around you. See that it extends in front, behind, above and below. See this as your personal space & boundary. This is your psychic bubble and serves as energetic protection and separation. To really protect yourself, make it purple on the outside, to keep you separate, psychically, from others. Fill the inside with any colors & qualities that feel nurturing to you. You can even invite in your angels & guides to clean your aura and repair any tears.

Protection Rose:

Out in front of your aura bubble, put a beautiful rose. Make it a representation of you on your brightest day and ground it all the way to the earth. This is your protection rose and helps to keep you separate from other people’s energy. It is a psychic separation tool, and it will absorb energy other people throw at you. Don’t leave home without it!

Ask the question: Who does this belong to?

When you feel funky, ask this question. This will help you tune into the fact that what you are feeling in any given moment may not be yours. Did you just pick up psychically on your mom’s thoughts or worries? Are you feeling the energy of your friend, or the person in line next to you at the coffee shop? If you get an awareness that it’s not yours, say the following:

Return to Sender with Consciousness!

This helps return energy to its rightful owner and helps you lighten up. Try it and see!

For a deeper look into what causes stress over the holidays, check out this great article:

 Rituals of Meaning- The Key to Wonderful Holidays


I’d love to hear from you! What tools and techniques do you use to clean your space and feel grounded, so you can truly give your presence to those you love?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and check back, as I always respond. I love to hear from you!


Also, make sure you have your free women’s intuition toolbox.


Follow this simple guided meditation to feel calm, centered, and grounded during the holidays & to heal yourself. Let go of old, stuck energy & renew!

Happy holiday season, and much love & white light!


Rachel Claire



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  1. Thank you for this perfect combination of images and intentions. The rose for psychic separation is ingenius; an aura bubble that is purple on the outside, while a nurturing color on the inside is a magical solution; and I also benefited greatly from this advice: “don’t follow the cord down to the earth. Just trust.”

    Thank you. Thank you.

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