How to Develop Your Clairvoyance in One Easy Step

Psychic abilities are all the abilities and tools we have that help us be aware. We, as souls, are all equipped with psychic abilities.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see images in your mind’s eye. When you’re clairvoyant, or on the clairvoyant path, you’re just making a choice to see the truth.

The truth is what’s lasting and real. The truth is we are eternal, powerful beings, on a journey.

The lies are all the stories we’ve told ourselves, or inherited from the past ,that say that we are limited, powerless, defiled, terrible, awful, incapable.

Every story you’ve ever heard or received from anywhere, or anyone, that said that you are less than a perfect child of God, was a lie.

Anywhere that you still believe that you must protect yourself, play small, or fear anything, is a lie.

As a clairvoyant, I’ve chosen to walk a spiritual path and see the truth.

I look at you as a spirit- who you really are. Your light, and why you’re really here.

I can see all the lies that got stuck in your space. All the places where you believed that you are small, stuck, not enough, unsafe.

When energy is looked at or seen, it’s validated.

Then, it can disappear. It can change. It moves.

Lies can fall away, the light of consciousness brings the truth to the surface. The truth? It’s eternal, lasting. Lies, they burn up in the light of our awareness.

I look at your space and see all the lies and name them so they can move and clear and heal so that you can shine more brightly as who you really are.

That’s all being a clairvoyant is, looking at the truth.

If you want to be clairvoyant, the first step is in acknowledging that you already are. 

You, as a the soul that you are, are well equipped with all your psychic abilities. You can see, know, feel, sense.

Validate that you’re clairvoyant. You have that tool. It’s yours.

Then, you can take classes, or work with me to develop that clairvoyance and learn how to use those tools, which will help you recognize you have them already.

To get started now, download your free Women’s Intuition Toolbox. Do the guided meditation that I use daily to clean my chakras, clear out old, stuck energy, and enhance my intuition and spiritual energy! When we validate that we’re spiritual beings, that energy grows! Get started now.

All my love,


Rachel Claire


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