The Secret of High Souls and One Thing I Know for Sure

Woman in RedWhen I was fourteen, my family pulled me out of school for two weeks and we went to Japan. I enjoyed many things about this adventure: the temples, shrines, buddha statues, Mt. Fuji, riding the bullet train and cherry blossoms in fields full of incense.

Yet, the one thing that stood out the most was when we visited an ancient Shinto Palace with a nightingale floor. Let me explain.

This floor lit up with the sound of nightingales whenever it was walked upon. This way, the occupants of the palace would know if there was an intruder.

I think of this often, as I walk through life. I do my best to tread lightly. To move with slowness, steadiness, grace and ease.

I imagine that I am walking on someone else’s ground, or home, or sacred land. When I enter someone’s home, or even as I walk the floor in my home, I often move as gently as possible.

It also reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Mists of Avalon. (If you’ve never read this book, you must!) In this book, the High Priestesses of the Isle of Avalon would move so slowly that they were often undetected unless they desired to be so.

I’ve tried it out when loved ones are in the same space as me. I’ve stood in a room, so still and silent that someone walked right past me and didn’t even notice my presence.

I love to go out at night and pretend I am hunting, stealthily, as I move without sound.

In this way, I sense my power. A power to be present. Slow. Still. Gentle.

So often in life, we create drama or wreak havoc because we react and then we move without thinking. We intrude upon another’s space, or we venture into sensitive territory abruptly, without warning or invitation.

I view it as being a stealthy Ninja, or a High Priestess, or a shapeshifting Shaman, in the form of a panther, on the prowl, getting what they want by moving with grace.

If we’d approach life in this way as often as possible, we’d tread lightly and get more of what we desire, with ease.

So, as you make your way along your path today, see if you can hold the energy of a High Soul, who treads lightly. Be grace.

That reminds me of a time that two of my friends were talking about who “I am.” One had chosen some adjective for me, and my other friend scoffed, and with full confidence said, Rachel? Rachel’s grace.

Grace is ease. No effort. Divine Grace nourishes all, affords all, takes care of all its creations.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this: Be grace. For that’s who and what we really are. 

All my love,


Rachel Claire



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