If We All Have Clairvoyance then Why Can’t I See Anything?

Many people, including myself, grew up believing that if we are psychic or gifted in some way then we’ll walk around seeing everyone’s auras, angels and dead people.

That’s just not the case.

Some people have that, but many of us don’t see anything at all when we close our eyes or try to start using our clairvoyance.

One of two things are happening for you if you feel that you can’t see anything, or that when you close your eyes, you just see black.

1.) You’re seeing everything all at once. As a reader, I create a screen out in front of me that I ground to the earth. I ask to look at one thing at a time. Otherwise, I’m seeing so much, that it’s all jumbled together and it appears as though I’m seeing nothing.

2.) You’re seeing black and that is simply all the fear or unconsciousness that’s in your space. You’re just seeing fear pictures.

The first step in developing your psychic abilities is to acknowledge that you have them. It seems simple, but it’s the step that takes the longest.

So many of us got invalidated as small beings. Or, we thought if we were gifted or special we’d know it and so we invalidated ourselves, decided we had no gifts or abilities and we shut down.

Everyone is psychic. First, though, we have to validate that part of ourselves. To do that, we must realize that God, our creator, didn’t create some people special and others not.

God didn’t decide that I would be given a gift and ability and you would be left lacking. That’s not how it works.

We are all made up of the one eternal spirit, energy or consciousness. We are all made by the one creator. That creator didn’t play favorites.

For some of us, perhaps we’ve spent more lifetimes validating that we’re souls & spirit and cultivating that energy, so, therefore, we’re more tapped into our knowing. We’ve spent more lifetimes developing our psychic awareness.

Others have been living lifetimes making choices against healing or validating who and what they really are. This has built up more karma and led them further away from the truth. For those people, really owning who they are and developing their abilities will take more time because they’ve been resisting or avoiding for so long.

It’s time to get to work! It’s time to begin to honor and validate who we really are. Then, we shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you’d like to work on your clairvoyance, work with me! I’d love to serve you in your awakening.



Much love,

Rachel Claire



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