How to Heal Yourself

What is healing and how can we choose it? Healing is a choice. When we are in pain, we think, I can’t do this. I don’t want to be here. If our pain in really bad, we think: I want to die.

When we say, I can’t do this, we are invalidating ourselves. We’ve forgotten who or what we really are.

Ultimately, all joy or suffering comes down to a choice. We have make the choice.

People don’t want to hear this. If you’ve lost a loved one, or you have a “terminal” disease, you may be in a lot of pain.

People get so identified with their pain, that they are angry if someone suggests that it’s possible to let it go or choose to not have it.

If we’re in pain, we’re in resistance to something. This is protection.

How much effort are you putting into trying to protect what you think you are?

You don’t need to protect yourself as you really are. What you really are is eternal, consciousness made by the one creator.

If we blame ourselves, or blame our bodies, then we’ve invalidated ourselves. We’ve invalidated that we’re spirit and that we’re powerful.

The mind is not in the body. The body is in the mind. With your mind, you can choose love or fear, joy or pain.

It’s okay to choose pain. It’s okay to feel stuck. None of that is real though, none of that is who or what you really are.

The spiritual journey is about realizing who we really are. Inside of that, we come to realize that what’s true is what is real. What’s real is what is lasting. That’s the one, eternal, life.

To really heal yourself, you must realize that your disease, pain, or condition is not located in your body. Let go of all the ideas, or “pictures” that you’re attached to about your condition or pain, and as medical attention is important, learning about how to become a medical lab technicican is really useful as well.

Let go of blaming the body as the cause, too. It’s in your mind. The conditions were created first in the mind.

To heal, choose healing. Choose to validate, or know, that you are a spirit, an eternal, limitless, powerful spirit and you can do anything.

You were created by God. Or your creator, however you see that. Your creator didn’t dump you here to suffer with little allowance or support.

You are a child of God, and as such, will inherit all the riches that are due to you. First, you must choose to see the truth of who you really are.

Meditate. Visualize. See that you’re well, healed, and loved by your creator. Know that whatever conditions have arisen can be healed.

Be radical, be willing to take 100% responsibility for the creations in your life. Say, “this is all my own doing, and as such, I can umake it, I can remake it.”

That’s real power.

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To your grace,


Rachel Claire

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