Consciously Grow Your Business Using Social Media

ID-10068595Over a year ago, I was invited by a friend, Lisa Wimberger, founder of The Neurosculpting Institute, to give a talk on Conscious Biz Building using Social Media.

I was so nervous leading up to this event. Even though I’m a school teacher and am use to talking in front of groups of people, preparing to share in front of adults freaked me out!

I wanted to back out, quit, fake being sick. I was so afraid no one would come, I would fail, it’d be a total disaster. 

I set a goal for how many people I hoped would attend. I met my goal. I recorded the class.

After it was over, I thought it went horribly. I didn’t listen to the recording for over a year. Finally, one year later, I came across the recording and gave it a listen.

I thought it was great! I did everything I think a speaker could do. I welcomed people, shared my best knowledge, asked them what their intentions were and what they hoped to get, gave a break, followed by calls to action and sharing all my best resources with them via email.

It’s a good lesson for me, that fear may come, but it doesn’t have to keep me from sharing and it doesn’t mean anything about my value or the value of what I have to offer.

Like so many creative and sensitive people I work with, we’re plagued with perfectionism. I always think I could have been better, more to the point, more perfect. The truth is, showing up and sharing from our heart is what matters.

Courage is action in fear, so that night, teaching that class, took great courage. As has building my business and sharing myself so openly on-line.

If you are embarking on your journey of living your purpose and sharing your business, I’d love to assist in any way I can. I know it can be full of fear and confusion and if my mis-steps, experiences, and know how can contribute to you, then it’s my pleasure.

That’s why I’m releasing this paid class to you, now, free.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this class:

  • Learn the one thing you must have to grow your biz
  • How to catch the attention of your ideal client on-line
  • Learn to attract your tribe and build relationship on social media
  • Know how to get started making money right away

Click here to get it now. 


Thank you for joining with me today!


Rachel Claire

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