How to Attract the Right Relationship

dreamstime_xs_15263086I’ve been in monogamous, serial relationships since I was 18. I’ve never really wanted for a guy. I’ve generally been found by a man, one after the other.

My girlfriends use to joke that I was never alone for long. That’s not entirely true. I have taken personal breaks to heal my own heart and have space, and during those times I wasn’t accepting suitors. I’ve been single as an adult, multiple times, for at least a year at a time.

When I do desire a partner, though, they’ve always “found” me. I declare it’s because in life, I’m generally enjoying being the feminine. I’m living for me, enjoying my art & creativity, cultivating friendships & communities, living my passions and being juicy.

This is HIGHLY attractive to a man. I take care of my home. I have a beautiful space- and when I desire a partner, my home is always clean, with two night-stands by my bed, a lamp on each, an empty drawer & a properly enhanced feng-shui love corner.

My hair is well cared for. My toes & nails, too. My skin is brushed and smoothed with oil. I smell good. I eat well. I exercise. I love to dance. I have good friends, a great career, communities I adore.

I’m not saying this is all it takes to attract a man. We all have different energies & wounds. We all have different things we want in a mate, if we even want one at all. When you find a good partner but you’re having relationship issues, you should consider going to a couples therapist; click here to read more. Married couples may also seek marriage counselling from Aspen Psychology Group to help them work out any issues.

I am saying, that for me, being radiant & feminine, which is what I really am, authentically, comes naturally to me. I enjoy it, and it attracts masculine men, which is what I prefer.

Many women come to me & ask about if this guy or that guy is good for them, or what about this man they just met, etc.

I look at the energy & I share. I get it, I do that, too. And, what’s glaringly there in the background is that if you’re constantly looking for the right guy, or in a mental head-space about whether this one is right or that one is right, then your attention is too far forward with them, too out there, too focused on the external.

If you’d pull back & get busy being juicy & pleasing yourself, then you’ll attract a guy like a magnet, pulling in someone who is like that, who likes that & who values you.

Next time you want to create that on-line dating profile, or go to that party to meet a guy, pull back & make sure you’re anchored in to you, too. That you’ve loved up your juicy self, that you’ve journaled, visioned, set intentions. And for the online dating to improve consider Perfect 12 Introductions for a perfect match !

That’s the art of being feminine. In a masculine world that teaches us to go out there and get it done, the feminine receives from a place of loving herself fully, first. It’s counter-intuitive. That we could receive all we desire by sitting still? Yes.

Who we’re being, how we’re going about attracting, has everything to do with what we attract.

Be in a mental space, which is to say, be cut off from your lower chakras, and only running energy from the neck up, and you’ll totally miss the boat.

You’ll attract the wrong guys & wonder why. It’s because your point of attraction TOTALLY determines what or whom you attract.

Be busy living your luscious life & you’ll have them swarming like flies.

How to do that? Have a little fun. So many of us seem to forget, when building our empires or doing our our work, or processing deep shit, that we need to have some fun!

Joy is the highest vibration. Get your joy on and watch your life transform.

That’s how you attract the right relationship without having to look for legit love spell casters or anything zany like that. You start by having it with yourself first. Then, it expands out from there.


Rachel Claire


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