How I Knew I Was Psychic (Part 1): Remembering Past Lives

The first time I ever had an inkling that I might be a  healer was after a long night at Landmark Education. I was in my early twenties and rocking my world by taking transformational programs.

After one of the nights, a friend of mine in the course asked if he could offer me a healing. I said okay. We went into a private room and he put his hands on my neck and asked about my neck pain.

Up until this point in my life, I was having tremendous pain in my neck. I had to go to the chiropractor every other week sometimes. He zeroed in on one vertebrae in particular.

He told me that I had been a powerful healer in another life- in the 1600s in England. He said I’d been hung. He put his hands on my neck on what he called c6. I knew that name well, for every time I went to the chiropractor, they were always adjusting C6.

He explained that I’d been hung as a witch and that C6 had snapped. The current pain was from that lifetime.

In that moment, I had a flash-back, I could see it. Me, there, hanging. He asked me what my spirit did during that situation.

I clearly knew that I had left my body before I’d been hung. I was hovering above everyone. I could see the crowd. I instantly knew why I’d been hung (a male lover who was protecting himself and gave me up as a witch.)

I knew who that lover was in my current life. I knew that I’d shut down my gifts after that.

He also said that I had healing hands. That I’d had a past life of my hands being cut off and burned in the fire because of my ability to lay on my hands and heal people.

After that night with my friend, my neck pain disappeared. Sure, from time to time I get kinks, or what not, but I only see a chiropractor now from time to time. Back then, I was seeing one ALL the time.

When that experience happened, I knew in my heart of hearts that I’d been healed. I knew in my bones that what that man had said to me was true, and I knew what I saw was true.

I felt strange though. Back then, to even talk like that to any of my friends made me feel like a total nut. It was the beginning though, the beginning of my journey into past lives, healing, and owning my abilities and power as a healer.

After that, I really began to own that I had many lifetimes of cultivating my healing abilities. That my hands were healing hands. I began to read psychic books voraciously, and began to tap into the energy of love + light.

Little did I know, this pathway would lead to me to being a psychic reader. I never would have guessed that when I was younger.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series. Thank you for being here.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What experiences or insights have you had that help you tap your intuitive awareness or abilities? Please leave a comment below.


Rachel Claire

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