The Fear We’ve Instilled in Children that Limits Their Psychic Power


I come from a family with an eclectic mix of religious and spiritual ideologies.

My father was a scholarly type who, though he’d been “born again” and was religious on some levels, also dabbled in Eastern philosophy and practiced Tai Chi. My mom, who was interested in all kinds of spirituality, had a special affinity for Native American culture. Grandpa was an Athiest, and grandma was a devout Baptist Christian.

I grew up with a deep sense that God is love, and in all things. I didn’t find solace in one particular faith or religion, but enjoyed a rich spiritual life of faith and belief in a creator.

I also grew up very sensitive. From an early age, I enjoyed reading about horoscopes and astrology, mainly to see what boys I was compatible with. I enjoyed ghost stories and the idea of angels.

It wasn’t until after college that I started seeing healers + mystics and began to realize that I, too, had such abilities. My psychic awareness grew out of paying attention to dreams and having insights about the future.

Unfortunately, many people are very fearful of psychic work. Many Christians, especially, believe it is the work of the devil. (I don’t believe in the devil.)

For me, the truth is that the work I do is about the highest levels of love and light, working in energy that is high vibration. For me, that means calling upon the realm of God, angels, and spirit guides who are helpful and, in my experience, very loving.

In the years that I’ve been giving psychic readings, I’ve never experienced any scary energy.

So, it’s unfortunate that in this culture we instill a fear of psychic awareness, starting when we’re children. We’ve all picked up, to varying degrees, messages that it’s not okay to speak directly to God, or to know our own answers, or to communicate directly with the spiritual realm.

This is especially odd given that Jesus was said to be a healer, to raise the dead and heal the sick.

Why then, have we been taught to fear such powers?

I believe it traces back to a church that sought power and control over people and created a world in which only priests could talk to God. For a long time in our history, anyone with a direct line to the Kingdom of Heaven was burned as a witch or shunned from society.

So now, it’s no wonder that the most popular books of our time (Harry Potter for one) contain so much magic + psychic prowess. We desire, and so do our children, to believe in a world where people have talents and skills beyond the normal realm.

I think this is because we desire to be such people, for truly, we actually are, but we are as of yet unable to fully claim our birth rights to be as aware as we are. We, some of us, don’t see ourselves as capable of receiving messages from spirit, or knowing things through other senses.

In my readings, here’s what I repeatedly see: You, me, anyone really, were very intuitive and psychic as children.

Then, someone, often our mom or dad, didn’t like that. They could psychically pick up our knowing, our awareness, our consciousness.

Out of fear of being seen themselves, because of deep rooted fear, or shame, they energetically whacked us, or plugged into one of our chakras and tried to control us.

They essentially sent this message: It’s not okay for you to see or know. It’s not okay for you to be this aware. I’m uncomfortable.

So, you, me, we, shut down. We diminished our light to fit in, and be accepted, and make others in our family feel okay.

Now, as adults, we find ourselves in circumstances where we’re unhappy. We take jobs for other people, or to please and fit in. We stay in unfulfilling relationships to fit in.

At some point, we have to say, enough is enough. We awaken. We claim our birth right to be whole, holy, sovereign, powerful and psychic beings.

We choose consciousness over anti-consciousness. We reclaim our right to know what we know, see what we see and speak our truth.

This can rock the boat. Our families judge us. People tell us we’ve changed. We lose jobs or quit.

This is a glorious place to be!

The ground is crumbling beneath us to be laid anew, to create a sturdy support for who we really are, so that we can live the life we’re truly meant to live.

If it all falls apart, consider this: it’s really falling together.

Part of growing up and owning our power includes owning our awareness and psychic abilities. It’s a reclamation of what Shamans call “lost soul parts.”

Psychic means, “Of the soul.” So, it’s simply honoring who we really are- an eternal, limitless soul, and not just a body.

I believe that we’re all psychic.

We all have the abilities. I wish I could act like I was special, but I just don’t believe that. I think we either hone our crafts, and honor and validate our abilities, or we don’t.

If we don’t, they can leave us. We can deny our gifts and have them implode. Or, we can cultivate practices that honor them and they’ll grow.

So, get started now…

  • Give thanks for all that crumbles.
  • Call upon your guides.
  • Own your awareness and knowing.
  • Trust your gut instincts, follow your hunches.
  • Meditate and listen until the messages become clear.
  • Gift yourself with indulgence in things you love. Dance. Play. Make art. Spend time in nature.
  • If you have kids, ask them, from a young age, what they’re aware of. What do they know?
  • Be open to hearing their dreams and knowing.

Most importantly, let’s stop demonizing awareness. To do so is simply choosing anti-consciousness.

The greatest healers, mystics and leaders of our time have all relied upon intuition. Being psychic and intuitive are one and the same. It’s not special. It’s who we are.

Now, it’s your turn. What talents do you have? How do you use your intuition? What have your children shared or said that showed you they were aware? When did you start to honor your inner knowing?

Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.



Rachel Claire

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