What is Consciousness and How Can You Have It?


Before I did Access Consciousness classes, the term “consciousness” seemed very esoteric, and out there. It seemed like a word people threw around to label other people’s awareness.

After Access classes, I realized that consciousness is who & what we are, but it is also a choice. Consciousness is something we can have more of, and to do so, we have to choose it.

Choice creates awareness. Every time we choose something, we gain awareness about ourselves, others, or the consequences of that choice. Awareness is consciousness; Being awake, aware, and choosing things powerfully.

Often, we choose things in life out of fear. Our saboteur is running the show, we are afraid, we want to feel in control, so we shut down. When we do this, we’re making choices unconsciously.

The work I do, being a clairvoyant, is about helping people to see the pictures stuck in their space that they may not be conscious of.

We can think on the surface that we want abundance and happiness and bliss, but if we’re holding onto energy, or a vibration in our space, that we picked up long ago that says, life is hard & I’ll never have love, then that’s what we create.

We know that very little of what makes us choose what we do is conscious. However, with each choice, we gain new awareness.

We can lighten up our energy and vibration by paying attention to our intuition, trusting what feels light & good to our body, and sitting in meditation to gain clarity.

We can have more consciousness here and now, but it’s, ultimately, a choice. We have to choose behaviors and activities that lighten us up and help us feel clear and tap into what we truly desire.

How to choose consciousness? Choose that which lights you up, in your body, mind & spirit. Make a choice for that which feels juicy and enlivening and brings lightness, literally, to your being.

If you’re choosing something that feels contracting, limiting, heavy, or sad, then you’re not making a choice for consciousness. (Or, you’re believing a lie.)

When something is truly expansive for us, we’ll feel it in our bones. It will feel light, juicy, exciting. If we feel heavy & contracted, then we have to ask ourselves, what will my life be like in five years if I choose this? Tap into the energy- is it expansive or heavy?

Many people choose anti-consciousness. When we over-use drugs or alcohol, or we deny our feelings, and we react to people and make painful choices that hurt ourselves & others, we’re operating out of anti-consciousness.

When we try to save “the stupids” as it’s called in Access, where we put effort into trying to save people who are choosing to be unconscious, and we think we have to be in the mud with them, all these actions create anti-consciousness.

This time of year, with February 2nd being the ancient Imbolc festival, is a perfect time to choose consciousness and shine a light on the dark.

That’s what consciousness is- brining the light of awareness to the darkness- to our shadow parts, the places where we are choosing things that don’t light us up, don’t feel truly in alignment with our heart.

This Imbolc, light a candle in every room of your house. Turn on every light. Even if just for a minute, and imagine that you’re turning on the light in your life- in all the places where you’ve chosen darkness, or patterns from the past that are now too tight to bear.

Let yourself give thanks for the returning light, inside and out, and set your intentions for your future creations.

What could you choose today, here and now that could change everything? 

What else is possible? 

Make a choice for awareness and consciousness and love.

To your light,


Rachel Claire




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