One Big Reason Not to Despair about the Future and Some Medicine for Your Soul

dreamstime_s_36480738There’s a lot of conversations I see that go something like this:

“Oh, that gives me hope for the future.”


“I feel so much despair, or pain or (insert word of choice here) about what’s happening on this planet, or what awaits us.”

In the background of these conversations is a concern about the future and what is to come.

If we read statistics about what will happen to our earth and ecosystems if we continue on this course, it paints a dreary picture. If we tune into debates, or tap into the prison industrial complex, or poverty, or our oceans, we can feel sadness and worry.

Yet, there’s one BIG reason to not despair, and that is this:

The light is evolving as quickly as the dark.

The darkness (unconsciousness) that we perceive is simply much louder. War, famine, destruction- these all makes a lot of noise.

The light, the consciousness in us, it’s evolving too. It’s rapidly moving us toward a future of love and light.

This, I believe, is why many of us are here. To share our light, to assist other energies in releasing their fear or darkness, and embracing and honoring their light.

A course in Miracles says that the universe is self-correcting. When a problem arises, there is already a solution at hand.

In times like these, that can test our resolve, or hurt our hearts, it’s vital that we hold fast to the truth: the light within will win.

How do I know this? The light in us is the truth. As Buddha said:

“These things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

So, my love, despair not. As one of my favorite bands says, I believe in the good things coming.

Into white light all things running…

Click this video. This is the medicine for your soul.

I am no master, I know nothing, but I am a server, I know something. ~Nahko Bear

Keep serving up your good stuff. I can’t wait to see you on the flip side. Until then, remember: the light in you knows how to heal, how to serve, how to fulfill your destiny. You’ve got a team of angels on your side, and an army of light-workers in the flesh, too. Everything’s already alright. 

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All my love,


Rachel Claire

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