The Greatest Misperception People Have About What it Takes to Contribute to Others

dreamstime_s_57290199I’ve often heard this question in my readings: Do I have to have it all figured out before I can be of service to others?

Whether spoken aloud or just thought, many people can relate to this question.

Do I have to be perfect and totally healed before I can create my art? Do I have to totally have it together before I can teach, serve or guide others?

My answer? Absolutely not!

We, each of us, have our road that we’ve walked. This journey enables us to contribute greatly to others. That’s the purpose of our lives- to burn + grow and share our hard-earned wisdom with others!

Please, take it from me, you do not have to have all your poblems solved before you can make a difference for someone else.

Simply showing up for another, holding space, and offering connection can heal the world.

What we need are people who have walked similar paths, gone to deep depths, and can relate with us. We need compassion, listening and someone who won’t judge.

Even if you’re still struggling with an issue, you can offer great healing to another. You get to show up, share yourself, and contribute.

Healing happens through acceptance. Love. Listening. Presence.

We, many of us, heal through our energy. Our vibration offers valuable up-liftment to others.

It’s time to start honoring ourselves as powerful warriors who have great hearts and love to share. This is enough. This makes a difference. You get to show up, contribute, and add to the pile.

No one is perfect. No one expects you to be perfect before you’re allowed to participate in life and offer your wisdom.

So please. Write that book. Open up your shop. Start your practice. Share your wisdom. You get to, love. You get to.

More than that, we need you to. 😉

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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