The Secret Reasons You Need to Clear Your Money Blocks


I think it’s normal to look at money conversations and think it’s about having more money. Then, our analyzer comes in and says things like:

  • I’m more spiritual than that, it’s not about money for me
  • I don’t have any money blocks
  • How greedy, not everything is about money

Or some such flavor of judgment or resistance.

Yet, here’s the thing:

Money is energy. It’s about value. It’s about how much we’re willing to have and receive in the world, and some people are exploring innovative ways to enhance their financial value through tools like this  crypto trading bots from immediate connect.

And here’s a secret I bet you didn’t know…

You”ll allow yourself to have as much as your parents had, and that’s it.

Yep. Until you’ve done your work to heal and become more conscious so you can fully be in your power, own your value and offer your unique gifts to the world, you’re operating from what you inherited in your family of origin.

So, you see, clearing your blocks to money is about a lot more than money.

It’s about healing. It’s about becoming conscious. It’s about being who we authentically are, and powerfully expressing our value to and through the world.

Furthermore, it’s about increasing our havingness. If your family of origin had belief systems like:

  • you have to work hard for money
  • money doesn’t come easily
  • you can only make this much in a lifetime…

…then that’s where you’re operating from.

So, are you doing the work necessary to heal your money pain? Do you know what beliefs are hiding beneath the surface of your conscious mind?

If you don’t, they’ll sabotage you and keep you from ever having the kind of money, and therefore energy, you desire in the world. If you are also looking for a good way to save money for your children, you can save smartly with low-cost children’s ISAs.

It’s likely that your blocks are inhibiting you in more areas than just money. Perhaps you struggle in relationships, with love, or with success in your career?

Are you matching the level of havingness your mom or dad had? Are you unconsciously limiting your power and accomplishment because you’ve not healed past pain?

Don’t be fooled. If you don’t have money, it’s because you have beliefs, a mindset, sneaky little negative thoughts whirling around under the surface keeping you limited.

That means you can work hard, you can switch jobs, you can make vision boards, you can wish and hope and pray and ask but as long as your subconscious mind, which makes 95% of your decisions, still believes that there’s a limit and it has got to be hard, then my friend, that’s what you’ll get.

The good news? You can heal those limiting beliefs. you just have to own that there’s a chance that you’ve got some blind-spots. Is it possible that your families belief’s are lurking in your subconscious? Is it possible that what you desire to achieve is beyond where your mom or dad went?

Ready to heal your past, and up your willingness to have?

Sign up for a Free Strategy Session with me and we’ll hop on the phone. I’ll help you get clarity about your next steps.


Rachel Claire

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