The Women’s March from a Psychic Perspective

Women's March from a Psychic Perspective

I heard and saw the invitations + plans being made for the march and I felt the energy building inside. I didn’t plan to go as my daughter is so young I wanted to protect her + wasn’t sure if it would be safe.

The day of the march I was excited. I turned on my TV and tuned in and opened Democracy Now on my computer to stream it live.

What I saw blew my mind, gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. City after city after city, across this country and in others too, had their streets filled to the brim with women, men, families, children.

Reports were coming in that Boston, who prepared for 25,000 people had a turn out of over 150,000. People said it was the largest mass demonstration ever.

I, like many, had experienced concern, worry and fear throughout the election cycle and through the inauguration. Then, this happened.

I suddenly knew, like a ricochet through my energy bodies and into my heart, that we, the people, still have the power. We always have, and we always will.

I have an ever-present optimism in my heart, but the days seemed dark + dreary with so much violence, anger and hatred filling the air waves.

To see so many gathered together and to have it be so peaceful, restored faith in my heart + mind that we are the majority, the masses, and that the prevailing sentiment for people on earth is a desire for peace + community + connection with one another in a loving, productive and caring way.

If you listen to conservative radio, you’ll hear that these “democrat” “liberal” women are whiners. You’ll hear that their pink hats are a bizarre display.

If you listen to CNN you’ll hear talking heads trying to analyze, categorize, label + define what happened yesterday.

If you look to our President, you’ll hear that just as many were out for his inauguration.

You’ll hear a lot of people say a lot of things. And here’s what’s important to remember. The mind always wants to label and define. That’s what the mind does.

The soul, the spirit, that part of us is the part that came out in droves, that felt called, pulled, destined to be out of our houses and in the streets showing that we are here, we love, we live, we can organize, connect, show up for one another, that’s what matters.

Make no mistake about it. This gathering, this march, this showing up for one another in the largest demonstration in human history will have consequences beyond what any of us could possibly know.

This, regardless of what people say, is FAR beyond being about any labels. This wasn’t anti-Trump. It wasn’t liberal. It wasn’t American. It wasn’t Democrats.

This was us.

Women. Men. Nope. Not even. This was beyond the labels they still try to cast upon us to define and understand.

The awakened ones, the conscious ones, the loving ones who see ourselves as star beings and infinite consciousness + light- they can’t know us, label us, predict us or define us.

Man or woman are labels that no longer fit. That’s why they’re so afraid. Gay marriage. Transgender. If you and I are so fluid, how can they control us? How can they predict our moves + entice us to buy?

No, this was not what they say it was. And any label or attempt to define it, will miss the mark. Even what I say here to you today, can’t contain the magic, the mystery, the love, the joining.

This, my friends, this was us. This was a spiritual, energetic, soulful, loving call to gather and say we, the united, we, beyond your label of country, sex, race, creed- this was a demonstration, a revelation, a unification to say- make no mistake- you think we’ll stand for your walls? You think we’ll stand for condemning our brothers + sisters? You think you can sexually harass and assault our sisters, mothers + daughters?

You shall think again.

We are an army. We are a mass beyond whatever you could create with your military. You can bring your tanks and your guns and your bombs. But you will have to kill us all.

For we, the people, are united, and free, sovereign in a way you can’t understand, you can’t name, you can’t control!

Don’t think just because you inherited a home, in an antiquated system that you think gives you power to rape us, or kill us, or condemn our sons to die, or close us in, or keep them out, or destroy our water and our land and remove our health care and limit our education and try to force us to eat your shitty ass genetically modified poisonous food and leave us to die with your poisoned water so you can fly your helicopter to wherever you damn please and build your tower in the sky full of gold and you think that we’ll just be pacified, huh?

You think we’ll just take our debt, and our loans, and our pain, and our television and we’ll just eat your pills and sit here and die like pigs waiting for slaughter?

You ain’t ever met a woman, I guess. You ain’t ever seen the power of woman, united and done with your shit.

Get ready. Get set. We aim to fire.

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