What are you creating in the New Year?

Okay. They say to make New Year’s Resolutions. Then, they say to not make New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve also heard it said to not say, “They” for who are “they” really?


Here’s the thing, what really matters is creating what we desire! Just test it out + see. When you think of having New Year’s Resolutions, how is that energy for you? Is it uplifting, generative + exciting?


If it is, great! For many of us, that word brings up past disappointment when we made resolutions + didn’t complete them. You can’t create if your vibration is actually vibing at “this probably won’t work!”


On the other hand, what does it feel like to create your new year?


Here’s 17 of my goals for 2017.


1. Stop listening to other people’s advice or opinions about what I “should” do in my life.
2. Say yes more often when reasonable.
3. Have more money. Not save it. Not give it all away like I currently do. Actually just HAVE some.
4. Be more visible. Get over my blocks to being seen. Do this by sharing more openly all the things I don’t want you to know about me.
5. Write more.
6. Spend more time in nature.
7. Go slow with Sophia. Have childhood kid days. The kind I know I’d look back on upon my death bed and say I wish I would’ve just snuggled under the blankets, drank tea, read books, played music, sang and laughed.
8. Speak up. Tell my truth a little more. Be a little bit louder. A little bit better boundaries. Stick to my “guns.” Or gut, rather.
9. Meditate.
10. Exercise.
11. Eat more veggies, fruits + greens. Cook more.
12. Publish something.
13. Run webinars
14. Share my signature program: Miracles Manifest
15. Study, read and teach A Course in Miracles more
16. Finish + publish my book.
17. Set up my programs in my school + have How to Heal Yourself, Clear Your Money Blocks, and Miracles Manifest all available as courses in my on-line school!


Now, I want to go full tilt about what I’m creating!! (Like if I truly believed that ANYTHING was possible!)


  • I’d make more money than ever before because I’m truly sharing + living in alignment with my soul’s gift +making a HUGE difference for people + finally allowing myself to FULLY receive!
  • Buy a new home with earth + a garden for Sophia in Boulder, CO.
  • Travel to restful warm locations like Hawaii + swim with dolphins!
  • Publish my book
  • Speak, write, share, be visible!


What would you create this year if you new you couldn’t fail? What would you desire if you actually let yourself get real & create goals from a place of anything is possible?


If you have trouble writing your goals, or you want to just make it more fun, creative + pleasurable, then I highly suggest Leonie Dawson’s awesome Biz + Life Planners.


These planners totally changed my business! For the first time ever, I started recording goals at the start of the year, and most importantly, completing the previous year!


Now, each NYE, I reflect on the year, notice + record my growth in all areas of life + biz + actually track numbers! It’s so empowering!


Click here to get yours and create a new, highly impactful New Year’s tradition!


Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment below + share what you’d create this year if you absolutely allowed yourself to totally dream, nothing held back, not realistic dreams, but the TRUE dreams of your heart? Go! Speak them into existence!


To your expansion + creativity,
Rachel Claire

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