Changing the World with Our Angels, One Small Step at a Time

Healing with our Angels

I was at Target getting some things for Sophia. I overheard some grandparents arguing in the diaper aisle. Grandma wanted to just go ahead and buy a package and return it later if it wasn’t right. Grandpa wanted to send pictures and wait for a response and go home with none, and return to get the right ones.

I skipped their aisle, went down a different one, and determined to leave well enough alone. Their disagreement continued and got more heated. The parents of the newborn at home were not responding to the texts. Go figure.

I asked: Would it be best for me to leave them alone or to intervene?

I immediately got the whole picture of them going home, without diapers, angry with each other, new parents not having diapers, grandparent going back, and all the out-put of energy that would involve.

So, I walked up to them and asked: Would you like some tips from a new mom? They said, Yes, we would!” 

Then they said that they were looking for “Hippie diapers.”

I smiled and showed them the Babyganics + the Honest Diapers. I pointed out the “chlorine free” the “plant-based materials” the “no chemicals or dyes.”

They asked again if I was sure that these were the “Hippie diapers.” I assured them they were.

They smiled, agreed on the diapers, and went along their way. 

As I left the store, pushing Sophia in the stroller, warm sun on my face, I smiled. I imagined those parents, stressed, sleepless, maybe in joy + love, receiving the grandparents as they came home with the best hippie diapers on the market. All well, everyone happy. I wondered who those parents were, maybe I even know them, who knows? And I sent a hello, and a whole bunch of love their way.

This little story has 3 important points. 

  • It’s vital that we ask questions, to ourselves or aloud. Remember the saying, “I of my own self do nothing.” Asking questions creates awareness that can make the best action clear. When I simply asked, I knew immediately what to do.
  • Even though we may be getting guidance to share with others, it’s still important to always give them choice, and not just butt in where we don’t belong. Ask permission before you share your advice or opinion.
  • Just because you’re psychic, or intuitive, or hearing messages for people, doesn’t mean you should go around sharing that. In fact, maybe you need some better boundaries if you’re picking up too much information when you’re out + about.

There’s 3 kinds of business: Mine, yours, and God’s. 

By asking them if they wanted my input, I gave them choice and avoided the dreaded “unsolicited advice.” Had I just interjected, they may have felt resistance, not been able to hear my input, and it wouldn’t have been helpful.

This is uber important in life.  Just like a fish in water knows not that it’s in water, we can often think that they way we are is how everyone else is. And this is not true. Just because I know, and think most people know that we should ask before we offer advice, not everyone is aware of this, nor follows it.

It’s a GREAT boundary to follow, especially with our intimate partners. Simply asking: Is now a good time? Demonstrates healthy boundaries in our lives and give our spouses or partners the space and choice that they require so we don’t bombard them at inappropriate times.

This is super important if we are psychic, or intuitive. It’s vital that we don’t just walk around reading people or telling them things when they didn’t ask. People often ask me: Do you just walk around reading people all day seeing stuff?

My answer: Hell no!

I mind my own business. When someone asks me to read them, pays me money (so there’s an exchange of energy) and then I go into a meditative, trance-like state to read them, that’s one thing.

I would NEVER just walk around in other people’s business. I don’t even try, don’t attempt, I keep myself focused on cleaning + clearing my own space and having healthy boundaries. This keeps me from being a “Run-away healer” and unconsciously healing people all day without their permission.

People use to ask my daughter’s father what it was like to date a psychic. I assume they imagine I’d just be sharing all sorts of crazy information all day or something. Or that I’d always know what he’s thinking (which I actually often do) but that’s not how it works, at least not in my world.

For me, even with intimates, especially with intimates, I’m not invading their space. We’re all intuitive, we all can read people fairly well naturally, and we all (mostly) can perceive energy + body language (especially if we pay attention to subtle energy).

That’s enough for me to navigate my world. I DON’T sit around and try to invade people’s boundaries and read them or know information that’s not for me to know. That’s ONLY ever done with express permission.

So, to wrap up, it’s important that we remember that we’re unique and what’s normal for us, may not be for others. That’s why it’s important to show up, share our voices and live in our truth.

However, that doesn’t mean violating boundaries or getting in other people’s business. We can make offers and ask questions, but it’s important that we do that from a clear, grounded, + centered space!

Sometimes, our Angels put us in a certain place or with certain people. Perhaps our energy is needed in a particular store, at an exact time. Other times, our angels put certain people on our path, to help us learn a lesson, receive a blessing or be protected.

Don’t forget that you’re not alone, and we’re being gently guided all the time by a great force of LOVE. There’s a BOSS who has a plan for you. So, if you’re struggling, healing, having a hard time, try a re-frame, maybe your angels put you there so that you could learn that lesson or heal that old wound.

Or, if you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or you went the wrong way, instead of berating yourself, what if it’s actually that your vital energy is needed there + you’re making a change for hundreds of humans?

Let love pull you. Let the energy of joy + light move you where you ned to go. See everything as a gift!

Ask if you can help, and share if you feel so called and they give permission. Together, as angels, healers, light beings, we alter the world.

Remember, one little difference in someone’s day today, one little change, can be a HUGE change down the road- so don’t underestimate the difference you make in small ways, every day, JUST BY BEING YOU!

It’s silly for us to think our purpose is a job. Our purpose is to live, to love, to be ourselves + to be gently guided by the invisible force called LOVE! Surrender to that magical river + fulfill your purpose by simply BEING YOU!

What could be easier than that? Your purpose isn’t something you find, or a career you build. Your purpose is is who and what you are!

Carry on, light warrior.

All my love,


Rachel Claire

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