Why Following Other People’s Formulas Won’t Always Work For You and How You Can Find Your Own Way


I  had been starting to feel heavy about my business.

Luckily, I have the tools of Access Consciousness and so I know that heaviness is a lie.

So I asked myself:

What’s the lie here?

And it came instantly.

  • The lie is that there’s a “right” way to do it.
  • The lie is that I have to do it another person’s way.
  • The lie is that I have to do anything at all.

The fact is, I have choice. We all do. We’re God infused with choice.

And my life and my business are the most fun when I’m operating from choice, and choosing from my own awareness, and not that of everyone else’s.

This is a challenging endeavor to manage in this internet age, when so many other people’s advice, systems, steps and offers are coming our way. It can feel confusing to say the least.

So how do we know what’s right for us? How do we choose in alignment with our growth?

Resisting receiving help from others isn’t generative, but totally following in the foot-steps of others isn’t, either.

So, when making a choice, it’s imperative that we tap into our awareness. The fastest, easiest tool I know for doing that is from Access Consciousness + it’s called “Light or Heavy.”

You simply ask the question: Is it light or heavy?

Heavy is a lie. Light is your truth.

Your body will always tell you the truth, and it’s your largest psychic antennae.

This is why I love teaching people to become psychic themselves. It’s wonderful for me to share my guidance for you. It’s even better when I teach you how to access your guidance even more deeply for yourself.

Trying to follow another, imitate another, do their steps, or their formula, has a fundamental flaw. Not everything that works for one person will work for you. The reason is simple.

Let’s use modeling for example. Let’s say that I follow the advice of Christie Brinkley. (Am I dating myself by sharing that she’s the first model’s name who comes to mind?) I do everything she says she did, step by step, and I don’t become a top model. Why?

Some people are built to model. With height, beautiful skin, long blonde hair- they’ve got the perfect “chart” so to speak.

I can work hard, day and night, but it doesn’t mean I’ve actually got the same energy, space and consciousness that they have, that will allow me to get the exact same results.

So, teaching you to SEE for yourself is the greatest thing I could possibly offer you. I can tell you my steps all day long, but unless you can actually look and see exactly what your steps are for you, you’ll never have the full puzzle.

This is why I’m interested in teaching people to be clairvoyant healers + readers. 

I didn’t happen into this position haphazardly. I created it, very consciously. Choosing over and over again to find a way to teach others to see spiritually, too.

For, in my interesting point of view, this is one of the highest, or most advanced things I could teach.

Not telling you your future. Not predicting outcomes. Teaching you to look and see what you see for yourself.

That’s gold right there. Pure Gold.

So, in the end, having mentors, guides, coaches and teachers is a fundamental part of growing. We can’t go it alone, and other’s can shine a light for us that illuminates what we can’t see.

However, if you’re “trying” to follow someone else’s advice, or formula, or steps, or system, and IT’S NOT WORKING FOR YOU…


I recommend you ask some questions. Start with these:

  • Am I choosing what’s light for me?
  • What would create the most?
  • What contribution can I be to my business today?
  • What would be generative, light, juicy + fun for me?
  • What could I create right away with grace and ease that would allow more fun + cash flow?
  • What am I aware of?


That’s where to start when you’re stuck.

Having mentors is vital. Following success principles from others can be life changing. Doing what works well for others, can work well for you, too.


However, what won’t work well is…

  • Giving up your own knowing
  • Always asking someone else what you should do
  • Feeling stuck, up against a wall and burnt out, but continuing to stay in that heavy guck anyway– pushing, pushing, pushing!
  • Believing lies
  • Not asking yourself questions about what would work for YOU!


This is why being grounded, owning your space, and knowing how to release other people’s energy from your space is so vital- now more than ever!

So my love, remember, feeling heavy is your psychic clue that you’re believing a lie. Uncover that lie, and you’ve found the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I’d love to hear from you…when you get stuck, down, anxious, or feel up against the wall, what tools help you get to clarity fast?

Leave a comment below!


Rachel Claire


P.S. If you’re wanting to find your own way on a deeper level, try my FREE WOMEN’S INTUITION TOOLBOX. I designed this toolbox to support YOU in knowing what YOU know.




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